SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD Review: Memory Card To Free Up Smartphone Capacity

When the smartphone memory is full, pinning a MicroSD card is a fast solution. However, some users even feel the performance of their smartphones slowing down because of an external memory card. Is that right?

SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD Review: Memory Card to Free up Smartphone Capacity
SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD Review: Memory Card to Free up Smartphone Capacity

SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD Review: Memory Card to Free up Smartphone Capacity

The answer depends on the type of card you are using. Because, like a smartphone, MicroSD cards also have different specifications, ranging from read / write speed, transfer speed, 4K video recording capability, and others. If you choose an incompatible card, there is a possibility that the performance of the smartphone will slow down when operating certain applications or games.

Then what MicroSD card is good for your cellphone? In order not to degrade the performance of your smartphone, Selular.ID wants to recommend the best MicroSD card on the market today, the MicroSD Card Sandisk Extreme Pro A2.

The latest MicroSD card from SanDisk is suitable for all types of smartphones (which support external cards). Especially because this card supports A2 technology.

Thanks to the latest technology, users will get super speed in accessing files or applications stored on the memory card. Not only that, this memory card guarantees a seamless online gaming experience. Therefore, it is certainly very useful for smartphone users who want to move heavy games to external memory to relieve the smartphone’s capacity.

Price of SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD Card

On sale since October 2018, the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card is available in four memory capacities, starting at 64/128/256 / 400GB. Selling prices start from Rp. 400 thousand.

In addition to the “Pro” variant, Sandisk also issued a regular variant namely the MicroSD Extreme A2 card with a choice of the same capacity of 64/128/256 / 400GB with prices starting at Rp. 300 thousand.

SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 features

Before A2, Sandisk had issued a memory card with A1 technology. Both are specifically used for standard microSD smartphones. MicroSD A1 has SD Physical 5.1 specifications. With greater IOPS speeds, files stored on a memory card can be accessed faster by smartphones.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro A1 MicroSD card is specifically designed to handle multiple files, such as file storage inside smartphones and applications. Not only for storing data files (maps, images, videos, music, and documents), A1 also allows users to edit and update data.

Compared to ordinary microSD, MicroSD cards with A1 technology can load files or applications faster. While the MicroSD A2 card uses SD Physical 6.0 from the SD Association data. As a successor, A2 performance automatically faster than A1.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSD card already uses A2 technology, so the card’s performance is much higher because it uses the Command Queuing and Cache functions. Efficient flash memory management can be supported by the Maintenance function.

For example when loading games, good random access will be needed, at the same time, simultaneously. Starting from opening the application, checking the right access for the game, checking the game level, to checking the right audio. All of that requires qualified random IOPS.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 microSD memory card is ideal for the latest smartphones. But basically all smartphones can use this card, only the speed of Read and Write will not be as maximum as when the card is pinned to a premium smartphone.


In theory, this SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card has a maximum Read speed of 170MB per second and Write speed of 90MB per second.

Sandisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card performance is 4000 read IOPS and 2000 write IOPS. (While the performance of A1 is 1500 read IOPS, 500 write IOPS).

Besides being faster, the MicroSD Sandisk Extreme Pro A2 card has UHS Class 3 (U3) and Class 30 (V30) Video Speed ​​ratings. That is, this card can be relied upon to record 4K resolution video or known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels.

PC testing

In the test move MP4 file format of 2GB from a PC to the MicroSD card MicroSD Extreme Pro A2, getting a speed of about 71Mbps, even though Sandisk claims 90Mbps.

Meanwhile, when transferring the same file from the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card to a PC, the speed reaches 1.1Gbps.

Testing might be different on your PC or your smartphone, depending on the type of processor and RAM.

Play Mobile Games on Smartphone

In addition to media file data, data on smartphones also involves applications. Supposedly, each external memory card is capable of storing data files and applications. However, a number of vendors implement protections that do not allow MicroSD cards to store application files.

To test the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card on our smartphone using the Samsung Galaxy A50, because Samsung allows external cards to act like “internal memory” so they can save application files to the memory card.

As a result, the PUBG Mobile game application can be loaded in almost the same time. In fact, it’s a little faster on gaming applications that have been moved to memory cards on the Samsung Galaxy A50. Similarly, when opening another mobile game with the size of a god.

Then when playing games, we also don’t feel the difference. The game feels smooth even though the application files are on the memory card. In fact, more gas because the original internal memory is always roomy.

That means, the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card won’t make your smartphone slow down.

Data Protection

There are many advanced features that are embedded into the SanDisk MicroSD card product. One of them, the RescuePRO Deluxe feature.

Data is a treasure trove in the digital age. Data loss is certainly a nightmare of all smartphone users. Knowing that, SanDisk offers data back-up protection on each of its products.

SanDisk RescuePRO Deluxe allows users to be able to retrieve deleted files. In each package of the sales box, there is an access code to get your file back. Don’t forget to register your SanDisk card at the company’s official website.

Sandisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card buyers will also get a free subscription to the RescuePRO Deluxe software for two years. In addition, data protection with a password can be done so that the data remains safe with software from SanDisk SecureAccess.

For additional information, although A2 technology is specific to smartphone use, the use of the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 MicroSD card is not limited to smartphones. Users can also use the card on other electronic devices such as DSLR cameras and Voice Recorder. Because, in the sales package, it is equipped with adapters, so that the MicroSD card can change the format to an SD card.

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