Schedule a Meeting on Zoom 2021 – Mobile, PC & Laptop

How do you schedule a meeting on Zoom? We often receive questions like this from Zoom Meetings service users. So, making an online meeting schedule or schedule at Zoom is actually very easy. All users can use this feature on the Zoom service.

Schedule a Meeting in Zoom
Schedule a Meeting in Zoom

Schedule a Meeting in Zoom 2021 – Mobile, PC & Laptop

Then you can also take advantage of devices such as cellphones, PCs or laptops. Besides that, there are also a number of things that must be prepared before scheduling a meeting at Zoom.

Things that must be prepared include the theme, date and duration. Well, instead of being curious, it’s better to just look at the full discussion below.

How to Schedule a Meeting at Zoom HP

First, to schedule a meeting on Zoom HP you must have this application, of course. In addition, make sure that you also have a Zoom or Gmail account to login. So, if you have, please follow the following procedures to schedule an Online meeting in Zoom:

1. Open Zoom on Mobile

First, please open Zoom via smartphone. If you don’t have the application, please download it via the Google Play Store for Android users. Or on the App Store for those of you who use an iOS smartphone.

2. Tap Menu Schedule

After that, tap the Schedule menu at the top to schedule an Online meeting in Zoom.

3. Determine the Meeting Date

Then tap the Date column to make a meeting date in Zoom which will be scheduled. If so, tap Set.

4. Determine the duration of the meeting

Then in the From column, please set the meeting start time and the meeting time ends in the To column. Then select Set to apply the duration.

5. Tap Done

When the date and duration of the meeting have been determined, then select Done in the upper right corner to continue the process of making a meeting schedule in Zoom.

6. Meeting Schedule Ready to Share

At this point, making a meeting schedule at Zoom has been completed. You can share it with participants via the Invite menu.

How to Make a Schedule Meeting on Zoom PC / Laptop

As for PC or laptop users, we also have information about how to schedule meetings at Zoom. For those who don’t have the Zoom application on a computer, please download it here. After that, do the following steps to schedule a meeting at Zoom via PC and laptop:

1. Run the Zoom Application on your PC / Laptop

Open File Explorer and look for Zoom (usually in the programs folder). After that right-click -> Run As Administrator.

2. Sign In Zoom

Next, please login using Google, Facebook or others. Then follow the instructions listed on the monitor screen.

3. Click Menu Schedule

On the main page of the Zoom application, please click the Schedule menu to schedule a meeting in Zoom.

4. Set the Meeting Schedule

Then specify the meeting schedule in Zoom, starting from the date, meeting duration and time zone. If you have clicked Save.

5. Making a Meeting Schedule at Zoom Has Been Successful

Finally, click Allow on each pop-up that appears, then you will see a screen similar to the image above. This means that the process of scheduling meetings at Zoom has been successful.

How to Share a Zoom Link

After successfully scheduling a meeting at Zoom using the two methods above, the next step is to share the meeting link with the participants. how do? Relax, we have prepared it below:

1. Tap Menu Meeting

On the main page of Zoom, please select the Meetings tab.

2. Select Send Invitation

Then select Send Invitation / Send Invitation, then several delivery methods will appear, including Gmail, Outlook, Message, Messenger and Signal.

3. Or Share via WhatsApp

If you want to share a meeting invitation via WhatsApp, please tap one of the meeting schedules. Then type the Meeting ID and Passcode in Notepad or the like.

4. Send to WhatsApp Contacts

Finally, share this information with WhatsApp contacts on your cellphone.

How to Join Meetings on Zoom

As for the participants or recipients of the meeting schedule at Zoom, you need to know how to attend the meeting. This process is very easy, all you have to do is click on the link received via SMS, Email and so on, then the display will immediately switch to the Zoom application.

But for those who only accept meeting IDs and passwords, you need to do the following procedures:

  1. Enter the Zoom application.
  2. Select the Join menu.
  3. Then enter the Meeting ID received via WhatsApp.
  4. Finally, click Join to join the meeting.


So, to make a meeting schedule on Zoom you must determine the date and duration of the meeting. Especially for the duration of the meeting, for free Zoom account owners, they can only use a maximum duration of 40 minutes. Unlike the Zoom Premium account, which can hold meetings for more than 2 hours.

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