How To Screenshot UEFI BIOS [Complete Guide]

Are you going to make a tutorial on your PC but some steps that absolutely must be shown must be performed by the BIOS and unfortunately not having an external camera, you don’t know how to record them? If so, don’t worry.

How To Screenshot UEFI BIOS
How To Screenshot UEFI BIOS

In this guide, I will show youhow to take screenshots of the UEFI BIOSusing a built-in feature, primarily meant for this purpose.

This procedure was tested on an Asus motherboard, specifically on the ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO Wi-Fi. It should work on the others too but I don’t assure you anything.

How To Take A Screenshot Of The BIOS

To take a screenshot of the UEFI BIOS, you first need to get a blank USB stick. If you have one with material inside, you need to format it. In both cases, it is necessary to format the USB stick because it will have to be assigned the FAT32 file system to it.

To format the USB key and assign the correct file system, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Insert the USB stick
  • Click on theStartbutton and type in the search box:File Explorer
  • Then click with the right mouse button on the USB key just insertedUSB (E 🙂and from the drop-down menu select the item ”Format“.
  • In the next screen, select as file system:FAT32and assign a name to the device. Then click theStartbutton to start formatting.
  • Once formatting is complete, click onclose.

Once done, the next step is to enter the BIOS. To do this, click on the link highlighted in blue to read the guide, or try it directly, restarting the PC and repeatedly pressing one of the following keys: F2 – F4 – F8 – F10 – F12 – DEL – ESC.

Once inside, simply press the F12 button on the keyboard to take a screenshot of the BIOS. Immediately after we will be asked, obviously where to save the image, you select the inserted USB key, example: USB (E 🙂 and click OK.

Once you have made all the screenshots you want, just restart your PC, go back to explorer and finally click twice with the left mouse button, on the USB stick, to view the content. Inside there will be the screenshots taken, in the .BMP format.

To view this type of image, simply click on it andselectthe PHOTO application pre-installed in Windows 10/11 from the drop-down menu.

If this guide was helpful to you, comment us in the comment box. Thank you.

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