How to Search for a Movie Without Knowing the Name

Finding a movie if knowing its nameis possible thanks to the proliferation of different databases and search engines that make this task much easier.

Search for a Movie Without Knowing the Name
Search for a Movie Without Knowing the Name

How to Search for a Movie Without Knowing the Name

If you remember a movie that you liked a lot, remember the actors, many of the scenes and even some of the dialogues, finding the title will be very easy if you follow the following recommendations, don’t miss them!

Themost common ways to find the title of a filmis by accessing databases, search engines or specialized film pages. Thus, the following options can be of great help to get you out of doubts.

What data can be useful to locate a movie?

When making use of some of these tools, it may be useful to know some data that will narrow down the search and therefore give you a greater chance of finding the title of a specific movie.

  • Summary of themain plot of the film
  • Theme or genre: horror, time, science fiction, thriller …
  • Name of the actors or directorsof the film
  • Awards: it is possible that, if the film has received an important award, you can find it in a list of award-winning films
  • Distinctive phrasesthat have made this movie famous

Also, if you need a little more help, here is a list of the best options out there to find your movie:

1. What is my movie?

One of the most useful options for locating movie names whose title we cannot remember is the What is my movie? Service. The operation to locate a movie is as simple as entering a keyword related to the title we are looking for, which will be related to the plot of the film.

2. Filmaffinity

Filmaffinity does not act as a movie locator itself, but it is an excellent page to access a lot of listings and links to social networks, from where you can seek help from other users.

This website has a huge database and search options by themes, listings, genres, ratings … Within which it is possible to locate what you need.

3. IMDb

Another useful option is the database offered by theIMDb website, within which it is possible to access a multitude of information related to multimedia content.

On this website it is possible to find numerous content related to the world of cinema. From user ratings, information on actors and news from the world of television.

It is a very comprehensive website so it can be a good resource for locating movies or making new discoveries.

4. Flixlist

Flixlistis a service that can be very useful if you want to locate a specific movie in the Netflix catalog. It has a specific search engine from which you can filter the results based on the title, directors or actors.

5. Google search engine

The Google search engine is a great option that can help you easily identify the title of a movie. You simply have to introduce a phrase that describes the central part of the argument, name of actors involved, theme …

Google works quite smart when it comes to locating certain data, which will help you find the movie with a high probability of success.

6. Social media

Social networks have become one of the forms of communication that allows you to connect with hundreds of people around the world. In them, you can also find groups specialized in various topics, including cinema.

This is a great way to start a conversation with other users in order to locate a specific title. Try to provide as much detail as you can remember to help other members locate it.

7. Movie databases

Thedatabases filmsare very useful when looking for a particular title, since in many of them you can enter a brief description to make movies and the like, and, who knows if you find the movie you seek. Some of the most useful are the following:

8. Film forums and blogs

Theforums and blogs film are especially useful because in the case of not being able to find the title you seek accessing forums in case you want to ask other users to get us out of doubt, or blogs to use search engines and find the entries related to the movie we are looking for. Some of the most used and specialized blogs in cinema are the following:

Other ways to search for a movie is through specific data that help us to know the movies of a specific actor, a director, the year of release, genre, or a slogan or identifying phrase of the specific film.

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