How to Sell PBN Domains and Tips for Choosing

How to Sell PBN Domains and Tips for Choosing– It’s not easy to find cheap but quality PBN services these days. Especially when the blogging world began to develop.

Obviously, this is influenced by many things, including the lure of monthly income of up to millions of rupiah. The income that bloggers get can come from anywhere, from endorsements to Google AdSense.

Sell PBN Domains and Tips for Choosing
Sell PBN Domains and Tips for Choosing

How to Sell PBN Domains and Tips for Choosing

Private Blog Network (PBN) is a technique derived from the concept of “Marketing By Acquisition”. It is the process of buying a website or domain name and turning it into a property related to your niche. After that, the website can serve as a tool for How to Sell Domains PBN to your main website.

This also happens in real business, when one company acquires another to strengthen its position in the market and increase its sales. In the following paragraphs, we will highlight the main steps to building your own personal blog network.

That’s why many new bloggers are trying their luck. Various ways are done to optimize their blog, from creating the latest articles to hiring guaranteed pbn services. These three things are interrelated, the following is an explanation.

Get to know PBN, SEO Optimization, and Backlinks

Those of you who have been in the blogging world for a long time are certainly no stranger to cheap PBN services, seo optimization, and backlinks.

The first is search engine optimization techniques, also known as SEO Optimization. This technique is used to increase the volume and quality of website traffic by utilizing search engine algorithms.

The easy task of an SEO expert is to ensure that a particular website is ranked in the top search engine rankings. One of the techniques commonly used by SEO experts is to use backlinks on their website. Backlinks are links that can direct readers to certain website pages.

While PBN (Private Blog Network) is a collection of blogs that are deliberately created as a backlink website to boost the ranking of certain websites. Another goal is to make a profit. So do not be surprised if nowadays there are many cheap PBN services on the internet.

You can use these services to boost your personal website. But be careful in choosing PBN services. If you choose the wrong one instead of rising to the top rankings but going down and even missing in search engine pages. Here are tips and tricks for choosing quality PBN services at low prices.

How to Choose a Quality PBN Service Tips?

For those of you who intend to look for cheap but still quality PBN services, the first thing is to pay attention to aged or the age of the domain. Like humans, the older the more experienced. Likewise with the domain, if it has existed for a long time but still exists until now, it means that the value of the domain is good and should be taken into account.

Vice versa, then choose PBN services that provide domains with a minimum age of 1 year. Second, choose a backlink that is done manually. Avoid backlinks created using certain software, because the Google algorithm will certainly be easy to recognize. As a result, your website will rank down.

Third, choose a backlink service that fits your website. Make sure the backlink website has a theme, topic, or at least an article with the same discussion.

The reason is that if the relationship is too far away it will feel unnatural, as a result your article is considered cheap and not of high quality.

Fourth, check the DA or domain authority of the backlink website. The reason is simple, the higher the DA value, the higher the ranking of the website.

It’s easy for websites with high DA to be considered higher quality than other websites. This method is fairly effective, unfortunately websites with high DA have more expensive prices.

No need to worry, you can offer cooperation with your target website. Contact the owner personally and state your goals. A little difficult but safe even free. You can also directly rent cheap PBN services on the internet by paying attention to some of the things above.

And How to Sell PBN Domains?

Domain is a unique name given to identify the address (IP address) of a computer server such as a web server or email server on a computer network or the internet. One business that can be done and provides a lot of benefits is buying and selling domain names.

When you buy a domain to resell, then find a domain at a low price because you need to buy more than 1 domain as an asset that you can resell at any time. If you have found a cheap domain to resell, then you can sell it at a higher price so you can make a profit.

After you buy and own a domain, now is the time to resell it for a profit. Selling a domain is not too difficult, you just need the right strategy to quickly sell it at a high price. Here we provide some strategies that you can apply.

Submit in several domain marketplaces and forums

There are many marketplaces where you can list domains for sale, choose a few trusted marketplaces. Don’t just list in one place, you should also list your domain in several other marketplaces. That way your domain will be seen by more potential buyers and have a greater chance of selling

In addition to the marketplace, you can also sell domains on other forum websites. Don’t forget to study and follow the terms and conditions that apply to each marketplace and forum, including the issue of fees and commission discounts.

You need to take into account all the fees you incur to determine the selling price of your domain, so you can still make a profit after it’s sold.

Create Sales Page on Homepage

Not infrequently people who intend to buy a domain will type the domain name in their browser for direct access and see if the domain is still available. So it would be better if you make a note on the domain homepage that the domain is available for sale.

Include your contacts such as email and phone number, or it could be a link that leads to a url where the domain is also registered on the marketplace. When someone accesses your domain address, they will know they can buy the domain and can contact you.

Promote on Social Media

Don’t forget to post your domain name on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. One of the most effective is joining a domain buying and selling group, for example on Facebook. After joining, you can post your domain in the group.

If your domain has good traffic and/or SEO metrics, look for SEO-related Facebook groups such as backlink services, guest posting or PBN.

You can search for it through the Facebook search box, select an active group and its contents are relevant according to the group’s topic.

Before posting, it’s a good idea to first study the rules of each group and don’t spam so that your Facebook account is not blocked by the admin. That’s the article I wrote about How to Sell PBN Domains, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.

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