How to Setup Thrustmaster Joystick for Flight Simulator X

Thrustmaster is one of the leading joystick or game controller manufacturers in the world, and it has been noted that this producer has been in the gaming world for 15 years.

Thrustmaster itself has a special Flight Simulator product controller that has been configured for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

How to Setup Thrustmaster Joystick for Flight Simulator X
How to Setup Thrustmaster Joystick for Flight Simulator X

How to Setup Thrustmaster Joystick for Flight Simulator X

This joystick has also been configured for three Sony Playstation games, namely Angus Blazing from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s HawX and IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey.

Thrustmaster Flight Simulator is actually plug and play, meaning you plug it in right away.

But for true gamers, of course, certain settings are needed so that the results are more optimal.

This is done to keep the joystick stable, even when making sharp turns and fast maneuvers. Thrustmaster Flight Simulator has an ergonomic design that keeps your hands comfortable while playing games.

This joystick also has 12 buttons and 4 axes which are all programmable.

To buy it, you can come to a games store or computer, and now it’s even easier to buy it online. Of course, through a trusted marketplace.

This time, Asaljeplak will provide tips on how to make those of you who have the Thrustmaster Flight Simulator use it properly and comfortably.

As for the actual settings, it depends on your style of play. Some are more comfortable with ultra-sensitive stick settings, some don’t like it.

This of course depends on the habits of each user.

This Thrustmaster Flight Simulator joystick has a function as an airplane rudder function, even its shape is very similar to the rudder used by pilots to fly planes.

Furthermore, for the installation of Thrustmaster Flight Simulator on Windows 10, the method is very easy, namely as follows:

  1. Set the USB joystick on your Flight Simulator Thrustmaster to the “PC” position.
  2. Connect the USB connector to one of your computer’s USB ports. Then Windows will automatically detect the new device.
  3. For this Windows 10, the drivers are installed automatically. You just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  4. ClickStart>Settings>Control Paneland double-click onGame Controllers.
  5. Make sure the Game Controller dialog box displays the joystick name with OK status.
  6. In Control Panel, click Properties to configure your joystick.

Important Note for Installation on PC

  • Your joystick’s USB button must be set to the “PC” position before inserting the joystick.
  • When connecting your joystick: Leave the handle, steering wheel, and throttle in the center and don’t skip the calibration settings. It’s very easy to set it up. For those of you who are curious about this Joystick, let’s just look for it directly at the nearest online shop or computer shop.

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