How To Share Your WiFi Network With A QR Code On Android & IPhone

Hang on tight because I’m going to teach you a very cool tip. Imagine, you are hosting a party and you want to connect all of your guests to your secure WiFi network. What do you do if you have a lot of clients who want to connect?

How to Share Your WiFi Network with a QR Code on Android & iPhone
How to Share Your WiFi Network with a QR Code on Android & iPhone

If your answer was: “I was going to take the phones of all the guests, one after the other, to enter the password” then this article is made for you because thanks to this tip, you will be able to win a crazy time.

Today in public places such as restaurants, bar, hotels. If you go to the manager to ask him “What is your WiFi password“. It just shows you a QR code to connect to WiFi. It is not witchcraft.

In this guide, you will find outhow to share your WiFi network with a QR code.

What is a QR code

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode (or matrix code) made up of black modules arranged in a square with a white background. The arrangement of these points defines the information that the code contains.

Some uses of the QR code

In a QR code, you can hide:

    • Text, even more than 300 characters
    • The url address of a website
    • A vcard file (contacts)
    • A predefined SMS
    • A predefined email
    • A phone number
    • A location (Latitude and longitude coordinates)
    • A date (Event)
    • Thecoordinates of a WiFi network

Steps to share Your WiFi Network with a QR Code

Basically, there are 2 main steps:

    • Generate the QR code of the WiFi network
    • Connection to the WiFi network with the QR code

How to generate the QR code of a WiFi network easily

Generate the QR code of WiFi on Xiaomi

Some smartphones already include a QR code generator for WiFi, this is the case with Xiaomi.

For Xiaomi smartphones, once connected to the Wi-Fi network, simply go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Click on the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected (It is marked: Press to share the password ) and you will have the QR code of the WiFi network.

General method for generating the QR code of a WiFi network

Step 1: Go As type, select “wifi” and in “Content”, enter the coordinates of your WiFi network (Encryption type, WiFi name, Password).

Step 2: You should see the QR code. Click on Download

Step 3: Put size on 1000px (high quality) and click on PNG and the QR code download should start.

Now you can make this QR code available to everyone by showing it to visitors or better yet, print it and paste it somewhere.

How to connect to a WiFi network with a QR code

Our QR code is ready. How then to connect to WiFi with this QR code? Again, several manufacturers of phones have not yet integrated this functionality directly into the camera.

Connect wu WiFi with a QR Code on iOS

Since iOS 11, Apple has integrated aQR code readerinto its camera application. So users from iPhone 5s to iPhone X already have this feature in their camera.

If you have an iPhone, just launch the camera and scan the QR code. You will get the message “Access the network …”.

Click on this message then on Join.

And you will be directly connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Connect to WiFi with a QR Code on Android

If your Android does not have a built-in QR code reader then download theQR and Barcode Scanner applicationfrom theGoogle Play Store.

Barcode & QR Scanner

Scan the QR code with the app and you will be connected directly.


This is the new way to share the password of a WiFi network. How do you find this tip? It only remains that all operating systems integrate it into their camera applications.

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