How to Show YouTube Fullscreen Chat In 2024?

YouTube fullscreen chat is a feature of YouTube that is quite popular at the moment, especially among YouTubers who like to do live streaming. The reason is, during live streaming we can activate the live chat feature to see chat from the audience who are watching the live.

How to Show YouTube Fullscreen Chat? This is the Answer!

How to Show YouTube Fullscreen Chat?

However, usually, this live chat does not appear when YouTube is in fullscreen mode. Of course, this means we cannot see the ongoing live chat. Don’t worry, through this article, we will provide an easy way to display live chat even in full-screen mode.

Easy Way to Display YouTubeFullscreen Chat

Currently, YouTube can display live chat even in full-screen mode. This is supported by an extension from Chrome which creates an overlay so that YouTube live chat can be displayed.

For your information, Chrome has several features offered for YouTube fullscreen chat or YouTube live chat. Some of them are as follows.

  • You can display the live chat overlay while watching live streaming in fullscreen mode.
  • Chrome overlay allows you to display video pages by replaying chats in chat rooms.
  • You can make some adjustments yourself such as position, opacity, size, and overlay font size according to your taste.

Basically, there are several ways you can display the fullscreen chat feature on YouTube. The method is as follows.

1. How to Use YouTubeLive Chat Overlay

An extension from Chrome makes the overlay possible to display YouTube fullscreen chat even if the live display is displayed in full-screen mode. To display an overlay, you can do these two ways.

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + Y keys simultaneously to switch to overlay.
  • Click CTRL + ALT simultaneously, then slide to move the position of the chat overlay.

2. How to Display YouTubeLive Chaton OBS

Apart from using the previous method, you can also display live chat using YouTube OBS live chat. You can copy the chat link in the pop-out and then enter it into OBS. The method is as follows.

  • Please make a streaming schedule first.
  • On the right side of YouTube Studio, you will find the Live Chat menu. In that section, you can take the script to transfer it to OBS.
  • The way to do this is by copying the password or code in the Streaming Key section.
  • Next, please enter OBS then select Settings.
  • Select the Stream menu, then paste the code you copied into the Stream Key section and click OK.
  • If so, please return to the YouTube Studio view.
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the Live Chat menu.
  • Select Move Chat.
  • After the chat display appears, you must copy the URL or link contained in the display.
  • Move back to the OBS display.
  • Click add on Sources and select Browser.
  • Enter a name in Create New, then click OK.
  • Paste the copied URL in the URL section and click OK.
  • Finished

Those are several ways to display YouTube fullscreen chat that we can share. You can display it wherever you want, just make a few adjustments first.

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