Sky Go Android | How To Download And Install

Sky Go is Sky‘s service that allows us to enjoy many channels even when we don’t have a decoder available, and it’s a much loved and used service since the company made it available.

Sky Go Android | How to Download and Install

In the early days, downloading Sky Go on Android was difficult, since it was compatible only with iOS, then it arrived on Android, but only for a few compatible devices.

Now the situation has changed for the better, in fact you can install Sky Go on practically any Android device.

Sky Go Android | How to Download and Install

In this guide we will see in detail how to download Sky Go for Android, a procedure that has become very simple and affordable for everyone.

How Sky Go works

Perhaps not everyone knows that by subscribing to a Sky subscription , Sky Go features are also available , however it must be specified that it is not always included in the subscription, but usually there are promotions that include it.

The operation of Sky Go is very simple, it allows us to see all the contents included in our subscription on any device, be it a smartphone , a tablet or a PC.

The contents available are both live streaming and those available in Sky’s large on demand catalog. Of course, you will only be able to see the contents of the packages included in your subscription.

In the following paragraphs we will talk about how to install Sky Go and all the necessary requirements for operation.

Sky Go Android app: requirements

To use Sky Go you must be a subscriber of a Sky subscription and have a Sky ID, a necessary condition to log in to Sky Go. Creating a Sky ID is very simple, just go to the Sky website and add the fields that they are asked of you.

The two initial fields, the most important, ask you to enter your customer number and your tax code, so as to associate the Sky ID and your subscription.

Once you have created your Sky ID you can access Sky Go on any device you want, with the limit of maximum 2 devices that can be registered every month. This limit goes up to 4 devices with Sky Go Plus . The first time you log in to a new device you will be asked to register that device to your Sky account.

The associated devices can be viewed on the Sky Do It Yourself site , just log in with your Sky ID and go to the ” Manage your services ” section. From this menu you can also delete a device that you do not use or reset them both, operations that you can do only once every month.

Sky Go Android app vs Sky Go Plus

Sky Go is the basic version of the Sky streaming service, you can add the Sky Go Plus option to your subscription, of course for a fee , which brings various advantages.

The main advantage of Sky Go Plus compared to the standard, as mentioned above, is the possibility of associating 4 devices at a time and no longer two, in addition you can download movies and TV programs to view them offline, while in the basic version you can only stream content.

Furthermore with the Plus variant there is the restart function of the programs already started and also the pause function.

In recent times Sky has also launched the Sky Go variant for Sky Q, reserved for customers who have the Sky Q decoder and a Platinum subscription. This variant of the app also allows you to control your Sky Q, with the possibility of recording channels not only on the device, but also directly on the decoder.

Sky Go Android Download

If you don’t know how to download Sky Go on Android, know that it is very simple, just download the Sky Go app for Android from the Play Store, like all the other apps available for Android.

Download Sky Go

So you just have to open the Play Store on your Android device, push on the search bar at the top and type ” Sky Go ” and press on the magnifying glass. Look for Sky Go in the list of applications and click on it, now you only have to click on Install to start the installation.

Once you have downloaded the Sky Go app for Android, look for it either on the various Home pages of your device or through the application drawer and click on it to open it.

At the beginning, you will not be asked for any Sky ID and you can easily navigate within the application, do not despair, it is completely normal.

To log in, you can proceed in two ways: by clicking on the gear at the top left to access the settings and then pressing on Account, or by going to the program you want to see and select it (before opening it it will ask you to log in with your Sky ID ).

Alternatively, you can download Sky Go directly from the official Sky website. Just go to this link and select your platform from the list that you will find inside. Currently the Sky Go application is available for many platforms .

Sky Go Compatible devices

As the official page says, Sky Go is available for multiple platforms and devices.

  • Sky Go compatible tablets : with iOS (therefore iPad with iPadOS) equal to or greater than 9 and Android equal to or greater than 5
  •  Sky Go compatible smartphones : with iOS (therefore iPhone) equal to or greater than 9 and Android equal to or greater than 5
  • PC / Mac  compatible with Sky Go: with Windows equal to or greater than 7 and MAC OSX equal to or greater than 10.9.

How do I do if my device is not compatible with the Sky Go Android Italy app?

In the rare case that your smartphone is not compatible with Sky Go, don’t despair, on Android you can download applications even by following unofficial, obviously more risky ways.

To install Sky Go not from the Play Store you will need to download the apk file (same for Sky Go Plus apk), that is the file that uses the Android operating system to install applications.

Usually the files are always updated in real time, as if they were on the Play Store. Simply download the file by clicking on the down arrow and then open it to start the installation.

Probably the smartphone will ask you to activate the installation of apps from unknown sources, you will have to enable it in the settings, if you do not know how to do it, I recommend consulting the dedicated guide.

Now TV: the best alternative to Sky Go

If you do n’t have a Sky subscription , you don’t intend to activate one, but you still want to enjoy the contents of Sky, Now TV could be the service for you.

In fact, activating a Sky subscription involves important and long-term commitments, while Now TV works like all other streaming platforms, with a monthly subscription that you can renew or not at your convenience.

Now TV only works via the internet, so you need to make sure you have a good connection. By activating your Now TV subscription, with lower costs than a real Sky subscription, you will have the same content available, without the convenience and ease of a decoder.

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