5 Best Free Slow Motion Video Applications For Android

The Best and Free Android Slow Motion Video Application – Most people prefer watching a video or movie if there is a slow motion effect. This slow motion video does present a special attraction for the audience, because this effect will display videos with slow motion.

5 Best Free Slow Motion Video Applications for Android
5 Best Free Slow Motion Video Applications for Android

This effect is very suitable to be added to the video to display certain moments such as sports recordings, action recordings, and other types of videos that show more detailed videos.

To be able to use this effect, usually people will use professional applications that are on the PC, such as Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, and others. Using the software certainly requires quite good editing capabilities, in addition to mastering it also requires a long time. Not to mention the software is not free, you have to buy licenses at expensive prices.

Therefore AyGek provides a solution for those of you who want to make slow motion videos with quality applications but free. You can even download and use this application on an Android smartphone. Alright here is the best slow motion android application 2019 .

List of Slow Motion Video Applications For Editing

1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is the best video editor application that can be used on Android devices. VivaVideo is available in two versions, the free version and the paid version (pro). Video editing in this application is quite extensive, you can create professional videos using the tools available at VivaVideo.

This application also provides features that allow you to make slow motion videos. You can make slow motion videos with just a few clicks using the VivaVideo application. Slow motion control can be adjusted to reach 0.2 seconds.

2. Slow Motion Video FX

The best application for installing slow motion effects is Slow Motion Video FX. A little additional information for those of you who are looking for this application through the Google Play Store in Indonesian, you can search for it via the keyword “Video Slow Motion FX” in the Google Play Store search on behalf of the developer Bozo Mobile.

How to use it is quite simple, you only need to first record the video you want to give the effect of slow motion or want to try it directly with an existing video. In the application, you only need to specify the starting and ending points that will be given a slow motion effect.

3. VideoShowLite

Videoshow is also considered the best application for making slow motion for free. This application is widely used by YouTubers and video makers who use Android devices as their editing place. This application was downloaded more than 10 million times with 370 thousand active users. That certainly proves that this application is quality in terms of video editing.

This application is also available in the premium version, you can get many additional features which are certainly better in the premium version.

4. Efectrum

Efectrum has the quality to create sophisticated videos that you will share on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or other social media. The features provided by Efectrum will make it easier for you to make slow motion videos. You can adjust the video frame rate and add your favorite music to enhance the video quality.

This application supports all popular video formats consisting of 3GP, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4 and others. The video produced from editing in the application is HD quality.

5. Coach’s Eye

Have you ever used Camtasia video editing software? If so, then you are no stranger to a company called TechSmith Corporation. The company is expanding its wings on the Android platform by presenting a slow motion video editing application called Coach’s Eye. Basically this application is a video application to review the techniques of the athletes or the actions of the actors in the film.

But this application can be used to make beautiful slow motion videos. This application you can use for free, it’s just that you need to register before you start using it. Apply slow motion effects to the videos that you want to record or have saved in the gallery folder.

The final word

Those are the 5 best 2019 slow motion android apps that you can use for free . Create as many slow motion videos as you want and sharpen your editing skills using the help of the application.

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