Smart Ways to Try New Games without Spending Any Money

The way that new games are released so regularly means that there are always fresh titles for you to try. If you are looking for a way to play as many as possible without spending a huge budget on them, you will be pleased to discover a range of ways of playing without spending any money.

Smart Ways to Try New Games without Spending Any Money
Smart Ways to Try New Games without Spending Any Money

Smart Ways to Try New Games without Spending Any Money

Free Spins and Demos

Online slots give you a chance to try and win money, so it is normally the case that you need to wager your own cash to do this. However, many of the top casinos now offer welcome bonuses that let you sample their best games for free, with demos, free spins and no deposits bonuses all helping you to do this.

Slots demos are where the casino lets you play their games for free, without even registering as a player on the site. You can’t win any real money like this, but it is a good way to try a slot for the first time and see if it suits you. Play with dummy cash and you will win or lose without it affecting your finances at all.

Another option is to search for thebest online casino bonus offers. The likes of Genesis Casino and Casino Dome give new players bonus cash added onto their first deposit after signing up, as well as some free spins to try.

Another option is to look for no deposit bonuses, as these offers let you play for free without adding any funds to your account. Overall, there are various types of bonuses so it is always good to be aware of what is on offer exactly.

Try a Freemium Game on the Free Level

The freemium model has proved to be hugely popular on mobile games. This is a way of playing that lets you get started at no cost, but where you need to pay to carry on progressing or to unlock the more advanced features.

The first freemium titles came out in the 1980s, but the approach has really taken off in recent years due to its high level of compatibility with mobile apps.

The freemium approach is great for players, as it lets them work out which games suit them before spending any money. It also suits game developers, as it gives them a way to grow naturally and attract new players more easily. They can then get a sustainable, ongoing source of revenue if their in-game purchases prove to be popular.

If you take a look at the best mobile games of 2021, most of them are based on the freemium model. So, you can get quite far without paying any money to decide whether you like it. Games such as Call of Duty: Mobile by Tencent and Free Fire by Garena are among a select group of mobile games to havemade over a billion dollarsusing this method.

Smart Ways to Try New Games without Spending Any Money
Smart Ways to Try New Games without Spending Any Money

Free Video Game Sites

When it comes to gaming, you might not realise that you can play video games for free on some of the top sites. For instance, Steam has a huge collection of paid games, but if you search for free titles you will find Muck, which is a survival game, and Aim Lab, which lets you perfect your shooting style in a variety of settings.

More options can be seen on sites like Pogo, where the categories on offer include puzzle games, hidden object games and word games. Other sites like this include Crazy Games and Poki.

The quality varies widely but you can expect to find a large collection of games covering themes such as sports, arcade, driving and puzzles. They aren’t as good as the top eSports games like League of Legends, but some are well worth trying.

The Epic Game Store has a free game to download each week. At the time of writing, it is Rebel Galaxy from Double Damage Games that is available for Windows. This game was originally released in 2015 and got decent reviews at the time. Take a look at other games studios, or follow them on social media, to find more free games offers that suit you.

All of these are great ways to start playing games for free. Just choose the method that suits you best and give it a try. You can then play as often as you like and decide whether to keep playing for free or move onto paid games at times.

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