The New Markets Created By Sports Betting Apps In Canada

Canada and the US are being taken over by a sports betting craze. Sportsbook apps that let you bet on big games and minor tournaments are cropping up in new markets, gripping the populations with the combination of high-stakes thrills and the convenience of a fun game app.

The New Markets Created By Sports Betting Apps In Canada
The New Markets Created By Sports Betting Apps In Canada

The New Markets Created By Sports Betting Apps In Canada

The US is seeing revenue in the millions from its recent adoption of legal online gambling in several states. Ontario is starting to reach the same success with its recent launch of sportsbook apps.

Sports betting is something that’s been popular for generations. People decades ago bet on boxing, and Super Bowl betting between friends has been a tradition in the States for a long time. In Ontario, sports betting was actually legal for the last few years. However, one platform has a monopoly on the business.

This lessened the potential of the industry, as the success of sportsbook apps has been a matter of convenience. People get curious about sports betting, download an app that appeals to them, and play a few rounds.

Promo bonuses make it fun to start, and then next thing they know, they’re daily users. But with only one app, the idea of sports betting was a monolith, not a fun game.

Then, last year, the Gaming Commission legalized sports betting appsfrom other providers. This gives the people of Ontario choices, which in turn makes for a more appealing product. It also creates new markets, as each app has its own specialty.

By fostering different small communities around sports betting, Ontario has ensured the continued success of the industry. The following apps are the ones to watch as they will lead the market with their specialties.


As the name behind one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, BetMGM has the money and connections to put out a great app. MGM’s sportsbook app offers a wide variety of sports to wager on, and a slick menu system to find them all. The reward program is also of note, as it can be linked to the BetMGM online casino.

This allows users to apply points for both sports bets and casino games to their account and earn rewards faster. Those planning to go to actual casinos in addition to sports betting are well served by this app.


DraftKings commands a lot of respect in the sports industry by name alone. Seeing the brand come to Canada is a big deal, especially for hardcore sports fans. The DraftKings app offers a buffet of sports to bet on with great odds.

It also is known for excellent customer service and a robust rewards program. This one should open up a big market with sports fans that intend to get heavily into sports betting.


As DraftKings focuses more on sports betting, FanDuel has risen to claim its spot as the top fantasy sports app. FanDuel does offer great sports betting services and a good number of sports to place bets on. But the big thing FanDuel will do for Ontario is expand the fantasy sports scene.


Those wanting big thrills should seek out PointsBet. This app comes from an Australian company that created a unique form of betting. Pointsbetting is the name of a special kind of point spread where you can win more based on how many points your team goes over the spread.

However, the opposite is true. You stand to lose more money when your team fails to reach the point spread. You risk more to potentially win more. PointsBet will likely garner a small but passionate fanbase.

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