Spotify Code Makes It Easy To Share Interesting Songs And Podcasts, Just Scan And Play

Spotify Code: Sharing your favorite music or new podcasts from Spotify is very easy for both users and content creators to do as the service basically has support for it.

Spotify Code Makes it Easy to Share Interesting Songs and Podcasts

Those of you who want to do this can even use the Spotify application to promote selected audio content to a number of popular social media or messaging services including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Spotify Code Makes it Easy to Share Interesting Songs and Podcasts

This content sharing feature also attracts it, it is constantly being improved by the company. In 2017, Spotify added support for barcode or barcode to it.

Called the Spotify Code, this sharing support can simplify the search process that users need to do because they can play certain content instantly.

For those of you who have never heard of or even used it, here is more information about legacy support for sharing audio content from the Spotify service.

What is the Spotify Code?

Inspiring Snapchat’s AR Bar feature, Spotify Code launched with the aim of making it easier for users to find content on the service by simply scanning a barcode.

You can enjoy songs, listen to podcasts, or play playlists directly without bothering to find them first with the presence of this Spotify Code support.

Compared to sharing support in the link format, Spotify Code can also work more effectively when content creators promote content physically through posters, flyers, and stickers because users don’t have to type anything.

What makes it even more attractive, not only content owners can use it. You as a regular connoisseur of the Spotify service can also take advantage of this support to share interesting songs or podcasts with other people.

In addition, users can use this feature very easily via cellphone or computer as the steps in the following explanation.

How to Get a Spotify Code

Through the Spotify Application on Mobile

  1. Open the Spotify application
  2. Find and play the song, podcast or playlist that you want to share
  3. Click theMenu(dot icon) in the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Spotify Code isbelow the content cover image
  5. Use the screenshot feature to save it

Mobile phones in general have a screenshot feature that can be activated by simultaneously pressing the physical volume button (up or down) and power for a few moments. You can find a way according to the device used.

After successful, the screenshot will appear in the mobile gallery. You can immediately share it as needed, such as printing it on a sticker or uploading it as a social media status.

Apart from the steps above, you can also get Spotify Code from songs to playlists via your computer. It’s just that you need to use a slightly different method for singly playlists and songs (podcasts).

Via the Spotify application on a computer

  1. Find and open the content to share
  2. Right-clickon the cover photo of the playlist or song (podcast) title you want to share
  3. Select theShareoption
  4. Then tap onSpotify Code

These steps will automatically display the Spotify Code of the content to be shared. Just like cellphones, you can also use the computer screen capture feature to save them.

Submitting the screenshot will share your favorite song or podcast. However, it would be better if you edit it first, like cutting it to the size of the cover image.

Especially for promotional purposes, of course this is very necessary. Besides looking more attractive, you can place the Spotify Code neatly in the place you want.

In order to support a number of promotional cases that require a higher image resolution (as printed on billboards), Spotify interestingly also provides a page.

On this special page, users can download a larger Spotify Code image. Not only that, users can also customize the barcode color, change the background color, and choose the type of file that they want to save.

How to Get a High Resolution Spotify Code Barcode

Via Mobile

  1. Open the song, podcast or playlist that you want to barcode on in the Spotify app
  2. Click theMenu(dot icon) in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Select theShareoption
  4. Tap theCopy Linkbutton
  5. Switch to the browser application that you have
  6. Visit the url
  7. Paste the copied link into theEnter a Spotify URI To get started field
  8. Press theGET SPOTIFY CODEbutton
  9. Tap the column underBackground Colorto change the background color
  10. Change the barcode color by tapping the column belowBar Color
  11. Change the text in theSize fieldto adjust the barcode size
  12. Select the desired format by tapping theFormat field
  13. PressDOWNLOADwhen finished

In a way that is not much different, you can also use a computer to get Spotify Code images from songs, podcasts, or playlists with a higher size.

Via Computer

  1. Open the playlist page of what to share via the Spotify application on your computer
  2. Right clickon the cover image or content title in question
  3. Enter theSharemenu
  4. Then select theCopy Spotify URIoption
  5. Go to the using a browser
  6. Paste the Spotify URI into theEnter a Spotify URI To get startedcolumn and tap
  7. Set theBackground Color,Bar Color,Size, andFormatby tapping the fields below
  8. When finished, clickDOWNLOAD

To get a Spotify URL on a computer, you can also use the web application by visiting the then searching for the content or playlist in question.

The Spotify URL for the playlist can be copied in the same way as in the application. You can right click on the cover image or content title then selectShareand press the optionCopy Playlist LinkorCopy Song Link.

Not only is it easy to get a barcode for the song, podcast, or playlist you want, users can easily scan it. You don’t even need the help of a special barcode scanner app.

How to Scan Spotify Code

  1. Open the Spotify mobile application
  2. Go to theSearchtab
  3. Tapthe search field
  4. Selectthe camera button
  5. ClickScan
  6. TapAllowwhen the app asks permission to take photos or videos
  7. Point the camera at the Spotify Code image
  8. You can also selectSELECT FROM PHOTOSand search for Spotify Code images that have been saved in the gallery

The Spotify application will then open the song, podcast, or playlist from the special barcode automatically so you can immediately listen and enjoy it.

Unfortunately the Spotify Code scanner feature is now only available specifically for mobile applications. You won’t find the camera button if you use a computer application.

In addition, Spotify premium membership is required if you want to play a song from a certain barcode. Because if not, the music application will play songs randomly from the playlist.

As for those of you who want to subscribe to Spotify Premium, this music service has a number of packages priced starting at IDR 2,500 per day for the Mini option. You can also try the free trial first before buying it.

If you are having some difficulties trying this subscription or trying the Spotify Code feature, you can complain on the comments page because who knows we will find a solution.

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