Spotify Has Launched Most Popular Features Of Apple Music

Spotify , the most popular streaming music platform of the moment, continues to include new and interesting features update after update. Recently they incorporated a timer to stop audio playback in your sleep hours. And now they will add one of the most popular Apple Music features.

Spotify has launched most popular features of Apple Music
Spotify has launched most popular features of Apple Music

Spotify has launched most popular features of Apple Music

Spotify’s new feature has been discovered by developer and engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong via Twitter, noting that the platform was working onTastebuds, allowing users to discover music through their friends.

In the screenshot we see a section dedicated to this new function, with a small description that defines the operation of this novelty.

How Spotify Tastebuds will work

Users will have the possibility to click on a pencil icon to find the people they want to follow. From here, you will be able to see some information about each user’s music playback and access it easily.

It is a novelty very similar to the function to know what your friends are listening on Apple Music. Spotify has functions related to friends in its desktop version, but so far there was nothing similar in its mobile version or iOS, or iPadOS or Android.

It is rumored thatSpotify is experimenting with other types of social functions, but it is not yet known whether they will eventually launch in future updates.

If Spotify Tastebuds finally becomes official, they will most likely ask you for permission before sharing any private information with users who follow you.

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