Spotify Lite Released, Only Size 10MB

Spotify Lite: Spotify is now available in a lite version or a lightweight version. Spotify is one of the best-selling song streaming applications throughout the world.

Spotify Lite Released, Only Size 10MB
Spotify Lite Released, Only Size 10MB

Previously this application was available for the PC platform, in the form of websites and PC applications. There is also a mobile version in the form of Android and iOS mobile applications.

But now the Spotify mobile application also has a lightweight version, which is named Spotify Lite.

This application is intended for old school smartphone users, or smartphones with small internal memory.

Spotify Lite Comes To Android

This online music player application, has features that can save data package usage.

Because in this lightweight version of Spotify, features have been provided to set monthly data usage limits, which will be used by this application.

If the data limit has been reached, then the user will get a notification. That way, users can limit the data quota used to stream songs.

Download Spotify Lite

To set the mobile data limit used, there are several data limit options, ranging from 250MB to 3GB. The file size of the lightweight version of the Spotify application , only about 10MB. Unlike the regular version of Spotify, which can reach 40MB in size.

A striking difference from Spotify Lite is, the appearance tends to be simpler when compared to the regular version of Spotify.

On Spotify Lite, users can still enjoy a variety of premium features, such as ad-free, free to skip songs, listen to high-resolution songs, and can play songs offline.

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