Spotify Mod On Android Auto – Here’s The Solution.

Today we will install Spotify mod on Android Auto. Android auto is compatible with most phones but today we reveal a trick to be compatible with tablets and Android installed on car radios with version 7 or higher).

Spotify Mod on Android Auto - Here's the solution.
Spotify Mod on Android Auto – Here’s the solution.

Spotify Mod on Android Auto

We download the file fromthis sitean alternative store, download the latest version and finally install.

As we know the android software is simplified so as not to distract the driver from driving, so we can’t install YouTube and other third-party apps likeSpotify modo ++ that don’t belong to the car play store.

Let’s move on to the installation of the small program mod.

1.After installing Android Autowe go to the drop-down menu (the three dashes on the left.

2. Here we select “information”.

3. We click 7 times on “Android Auto information” until you see a message telling you the developer options are active.

4. If we did everything correctly right on the menu where the red arrow indicates, we will find the “developer settings” session.

5. Click on this last setting and a menu will open.

6. We can activate different functions but what interests us most is the last function “unknown origins”.

7. We are almost at the end, after enabling the function we close everything even in the background.

8. Let’s open Android auto again and on the music settings you should see Spotifyif it doesn’t happen, go out and openSpotifyand come back to Android auto again.

If this method should not work installAny Auto Audio.

We have finished now you can listen to Spotify mod on Android Auto.

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