Super Mario 64 | How to Get the Flying Cap And Its Secret Star

One of Mario’s best 3D adventures isSuper Mario 64, in which the goal is to get enough stars to go through the different rooms of Princess Peach’s castle.

In total there are 120 hidden everywhere and in this guide, we are going to tell you how to get Mario’s flying capand its respectivesecret star.

Super Mario 64 | How to Get the Flying Cap And Its Secret Star
Super Mario 64 | How to Get the Flying Cap And Its Secret Star

How to get the flying cap and its secret star

In the various adventures of Mario we have seen that he is capable of adopting various transformations depending on the objects he obtains.

In Super Mario 64 he is no exception and that is something he achieves thanks tothe secret caps, among which is the flying cap with which, as his name suggests, Mario will be able tofly for the stage.

To unlock it, you must have previously obtaineda minimum of 10 stars. Once you have them you have to go to themain hall of the castle, where you will see that a beam of light has appeared that illuminates a large part of the room.

If you place yourself on it and look up with the manual camera you will be transported to the secret level where this special cap is.

In this place, there are eight red coins scattered in the airthat you must collect to get one of the 15 secret stars in the game.

To do this, you just have to follow the row of coins in the sky, very carefully, but without stopping too much, since the use ofthe cap has a time limitand if it runs out you will run the risk of falling into the void.

Once you get the eight red coins you will see thata starappearsin the central tower ofthe stage.

Right there willbea giant red switchthat once you press it, itwill activate all the red blocksof the adventure, in order to fly with Mario through the places where you find them.

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