Superb Simulation Games To Play This Year

Gaming is a huge industry that features constant growth and improvement. As a result, the number of interesting and fascinating games in every genre is constantly increasing. If you are one of many students who are ready to spend several hours of valuable time playing simulation games, you are in the right place.

Superb Simulation Games to Play This Year

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Superb Simulation Games to Play This Year

Once you have dealt with your academic success, you can have a look at the most impressive simulation games of 2020. Get an unforgettable opportunity to drive a train, fix a car, or become a pilot without leaving your comfortable home. Check out the most appreciated options and give them a try.

The Sims 4: Star Wars – Journey to Batuu

If you have ever played the original version of The Sims, you will be impressed by how much the gameplay has changed. The main characters are not at home anymore.

Instead, you will have a chance to travel to a different planet, interact with aliens, and enjoy the fascinating experience. Once the Sim goes back home, he brings a lot of new recipes and decorations for the house.

Decorations for the house

It is quite common that users find these games a bit complicated to get. However, there are good alternatives when it comes to simulation games. For instance, you candownload Booty Farmas an immersive and fun alternative. There’s no doubt this presentation contains lots of exciting features and plots.

Train Sim World

The game is a top choice for those who strive to enjoy an involving and impressive simulation experience. The game can be adjusted for new players, as well as experienced ones.

The main task of the user is to drive the train and explore new areas. There is an opportunity to use additional tools and extra equipment that may be obtained in the course of the game.

Farming Simulator

Although it may not be the top choice for adventurous and risky players, the game will definitely be appreciated by the students and other users who want to immerse themselves in the world of agriculture. Forget about your duties and responsibilities, and enjoy the best way to relieve stress.

Farming Simulator is about harvesting, managing the farm, and taking care of domestic animals. The task of the game is to make the farm profitable.

Assetto Corsa

If you are passionate about speed, racing, and similar activities, Assetto Corsa is the must-play game for you. Impressive highway cruising, fantastic racing experience, and a diversity of other options are available for random players. Quality graphics and excellent settings make the game even more realistic.

Car Mechanic Simulator

Students who have always been passionate about vehicles have an opportunity to become a professional mechanic, at least virtually. If you have no desire to drive a modern car, but rather prefer to get under the hood, Car Mechanic Simulator is the game you need to pay attention to. Start as an inexperienced specialist and progress to the level of a master.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

What can be more exciting than planes, flights, and other aircraft-related issues? Microsoft Flight Simulator gives you an opportunity to obtain knowledge and skills every pilot should have.

Start with the light planes and challenge yourself to run a wide-body jet. Excellent problem-solving skills are inevitable, as you may face significant problems during the flight.

Kerbal Space Program

For those situations when the world is not enough, Kerbal Space Program is the best way out. Known as the space flight simulator, the game provides its users with an ultimate opportunity to control the spaceship and operate other engines. If you have always been interested in NASA explorations and similar activities, that is your chance to learn more about the field.


Passionate football players, who have always dreamt about professional performance, have an opportunity to run their own team. Unlike similar games, you do not have just to play soccer, but rather create the team, choose a driver, find sponsors, hire players, and deal with other tasks of the football team owner.

Additionally, you may add new facilities for your teammates, create a new uniform, and get to the top of every league within the game.

Beyond Blue

The unique game is appreciated by players who have always been interested in the mysteries of the underwater. The simulator gives you a chance to become a scientist or ocean explorer who reveals the secrets of the deep-sea.

Besides, with the help of new technologies offered in the game, you will be able to hear, see, and interact with the ocean and its creatures.

Drug Dealer Simulator

Have you ever thought about committing any kind of crime? Well, you should better avoid it in real life. Instead, you can always pretend to be a cool drug dealer with an innovative simulator. Become a street businessman or a respected gangster who knows all the details of the dark industry.

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