What You Need to Know About Telegram’s Hidden Features

Telegram is one of the most feature-rich messaging systems on the market, with advantages that may put competitors like WhatsApp and Signal to shame in terms of capability. The ability to modify messages after they’ve been sent is a well-known feature of Telegram.

What You Need to Know About Telegram's Hidden Features
What You Need to Know About Telegram’s Hidden Features

What You Need to Know About Telegram’s Hidden Features

Telegram channels are distinct from Telegram groups, despite their apparent resemblance, Channels may feature-rich material like video, music, polls, and more, but only the owner or admin of the channel can add messages.

Telegram groups, for example, may have up to 200,000 members and can be available to the public if desired. Each message includes a view count and information.

Real-time location and proximity notifications: Like WhatsApp, Telegram users may share their current position with one another. When the sender is on the move, the receiver may use live locations to follow their whereabouts in real-time for a specified period.

Both parties may establish proximity alerts using Telegram, though. Mini-alarms will sound if another user comes within range.

The nearest 50 meters of your buddy in the mall may be set up as an alarm so that you can begin looking for them immediately. When you and your contact both reveal your current location with Telegram, you can both be tracked on any map.

During this time, you may get a real-time preview of the circular distance you’ve selected while setting your distance settings in the app.

Sending silent or pre-recorded messages: When you use Telegram, you may plan messages to be delivered at a certain time. When you don’t want to bother the recipient, you may also send “silent” messages that don’t make any noise.

If you need to get a message to your employer while he or she is at a meeting or to a buddy while they are out with their family, you may use this method.

Once the message is typed out, long touch on the send button instead of pushing it. This is where you’ll find the scheduling and quiet message settings.

Convention themes customizing: Your Telegram app interface is simple and easy. App users may choose from various themes and color schemes to accomplish this goal. These changes will affect the colors of chat backdrops and messages.

While transmitting, you may make changes to and replace images: Have you ever sent a photo without applying your customary filter or highlighting the words you wished to draw attention to?

Is it possible that I sent the incorrect picture? You may get assistance from Telegram. Editing photographs and even replacing them after receiving them is possible using the app.

Keep conversations alive in chat folders: It is possible to categorize all of your conversations in different folders in Telegram.

The ability to handle many conversations at once allows you to focus on the most essential ones while ignoring the others. For example, you might create a group for all of your coworkers’ discussions and a separate one for your own social network.

Since Android’s algorithms might shut other applications in the background depending on your skin and how much RAM you normally have available, you may not get new message alerts until you explicitly reopen Telegram.

If you don’t want this to happen, you may enable the Keep Alive Service under Settings or Notifications and Sounds, Keep Telegram Running in the Background feature.

Personal cloud storage with no limits: Each user of Telegram has their own ‘Saved Messages’ folder. The hamburger menu on the main screen’s left side provides access to this. Therefore, messages saved here will be backed up on Telegram’s secure cloud, exactly as your conversations are.

The Saved Messages area may then be accessible on any device your account is signed in, such as your phone, laptop, or tablet. Telegram’s personal area is infinitely scalable, unlike other cloud-based systems.

All types of files may be sent here, as well. Because any file you submit must be less than 1.5GB in size, be aware of this before sending it.

Identify people that are close to you: Telegram enables users to identify nearby contacts if they wish to do so.

However, to rapidly add a person you know to Telegram, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of manually entering their phone number and storing the contact. With this function, users may locate and form groups with other people in their immediate vicinity.

Users in a group may now begin a group voice chat, thanks to Telegram’s new Group Voice Chats functionality, which was just released.

On the other hand, users have the option to leave and rejoin a group chat at any time. Head to any group of your choosing and touch on its name to utilize this feature.

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