That Time When Miralem Pjanic Was Expelled Due to Indiscipline

Pjanic was expelled from the Bosnian National Team for indiscipline prior to a crucial match against Finland during November 2021. At this stage, the team was playing its last chances to be in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

That Time When Miralem Pjanic Was Expelled Due to Indiscipline
That Time When Miralem Pjanic Was Expelled Due to Indiscipline

That Time When Miralem Pjanic Was Expelled Due to Indiscipline

The coach at that time, Ivaylo Petev, has made this decision because of the attitude of the footballer, who was drinking and smoking hookah the night before the game against Finland that the Balkan country lost 1-3.

Certainly, this was an excellent match to wager on at The midfielder, who played 66 minutes, was booed by his poor performance.

Before announcing the expulsion, Petev spoke with Pjanic, who understood the coach’s decision and regretted violating discipline and work ethic, according to the Klix media.

This news has been announced by the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina after Petev made the decision to expel him.

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What did the federation say

Before being eliminated, the statement published by the Federation pointed out Pjanic’s infraction but asked for understanding: “We must not forget the fact that Pjanic has played great games with the National Team jersey.

His action, no matter how inappropriate it was for a player of such a reputation or because of the patriotism that all those who wear the national jersey should feel, must be understood as a consequence of insufficient psychological recovery”. 1xBet – make your bet live online is still the best place to bet on Bosnia and many other great European sides.

The footballer, of course, didn’t feature in the match that his team faced against Ukraine. Although the Balkan country, after losing to Finland, no longer has options of being able to get into the playoffs and, therefore, nothing is at stake.

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A player with many ups and downs in his career

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Pjanic is an extremely talented player. This would make to bet football online fast and safely on 1xBet on him a solid choice. Pjanic has played in many teams, such as:

  • Metz;
  • Lion;
  • Roma;
  • and also Juventus.

In many of these teams he has triumphed. However, also in a few of them he has had difficult moments. In any case, to bet on 1xBet safely on football online fast is a certain option for winning for many people across the world.

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