The Best 3D Human Anatomy Sites And Apps

The human body is a perfect machine, which is continuously explored in an ever-deeper way. Not only those who study medicine (or already practice the profession of doctor), but also enthusiasts and curious, today can comfortably consult various atlases of anatomy in 3D more and more accurate.

The best 3D human anatomy sites and apps

If in the past it was necessary to consult various anatomy texts to better understand its structure, in the last decade more and more precise reconstructions ofthe human body in 3Dhave made progress , available ononline sitesandapplicationsfor smartphones and tablets.

3D Human Anatomy: Sites and Applications

The ones listed below are the best sites and applications ofhuman body anatomy in 3D, thanks to which you can explore the smallest anatomical details by taking advantage of three-dimensional virtual reconstructions of every part of the human body, with high definition images or animations very comprehensive.

The researches mostly carried out in the anatomical field are the result not only of simple curiosity, but also to carry out insights for those who practice sports or to investigate possible pathologies.

The most sought after structures are: skeleton and bones (in particular the skull), muscular system and internal organs. Without wasting further time, let’s move on to the recommended sites and apps:

Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas(website and app)

It is an extraordinary educational and free app available online via website and app for Android devices. With a few clicks or steps, it allows you to explore every system of the human body in 3D. The models are detailed and fully explorable. It is without doubt one of the most effective free anatomy sites on the web.

You can try it directly by going to thepage dedicated to the project .

BioDigital Human(website and app)

TheBioDigital Humanwebsite is one of the best solutions in the field, if we consider the value for money. Completely free (on mobile) and demo on site, it offers an excellent visual experience, enhanced by thepresence of interactive animations, which can be shared outside the site.

You will only be able to appreciate the high degree of precision in carrying out your visit inside the human body, given that you will have the opportunity to orientate the angle of your point of view, and to probe every single part of each apparatus.

You can try this site by going directly toits page(the browsers that properly support the site are Firefox or Chrome). The project is also available on mobile forAndroidandiOS.

Zygote Body(website)

WithZygote Body(previously known as Google Body Browser) you explore and study the anatomy of the human body on a cured and rotatable 3D model in all its parts. This site offers good features and completely free of charge.

Here you can find the link of theZygoteBody website.


Eskeletonsoffers a unique feature in its field: if you are looking for a site that goes into the details of thehuman skeleton in 3D, but your thirst for knowledge does not stop only with man but also extends to the animal world, then here is the discovery of the day ! The site will allow you to specifically analyze the skeletal system of a varied range of vertebrates.

A click on the animal that caught your attention will be enough to begin to fathom it in depth so as to satisfy your curiosities. To reach the site just go tothis address.


Artnatomyais a website that works in English or Spanish. It aims to facilitate the teaching and learning of the anatomical and biomechanical bases of the morphology of facial expression.

The main objective is to provide the student and interested parties with a convenient reference tool, facilitating familiarity and experimentation with the underlying anatomical structures using the correct biomechanical representation of the different facial expressions. If you want to know more you can consulthis page.

Visible body(website and app)

Visible bodyit is the most complete application in the field of analysis and control of the human body. It has been programmed to allow anyone anywhere to easily interact with visual human biology content worldwide.

The peculiarity of this application is expressed in the precision of the analytical and descriptive process of the selected body part. It can be chosen quickly through a search bar, or manually. The manual search is completed thanks to the possibility to change the angle of the cursor to the depth of the optical zoom.

The process will not stop until even the most hidden subtleties are shown, explaining the functionality. In addition, the application can also act as a diagnostic platform, with which to analyze the processes derived from a particular link between two different elements.

Their offer consists of apps and other learning tools on multiple platforms, such as Android, iPad and iPhone, Windows 10, in many languages ​​and at reasonable costs. The project is available at this page.

Our study on the best anatomy sites has ended and we hope to have helped you find the best solutions on the Web.

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