The Best Football Apps For Your Android Smartphone

LaLiga has given his first goals during these days, to celebrate we have made a selection of the best games and soccer applications.

The Best Football Apps for your Android
The Best Football Apps for your Android

The Best Football Apps for your Android

This weekend the national league championship begins, soccer returns in its domestic competition. LaLiga will satisfy the yearning of the king of more than one sport and is the beginning of everything that surrounds this phenomenon, which reaches our devices. So what better opportunity to try these soccer games and applications.

Since it is at this time when we usually bite the bug of football, wanting to play some games, organize the championship with friends or simply follow up on the matches. All this and much more is possible from Android. Do you want to know the options? We start!

Football game

We could not miss the games in which to play exciting games , we have not been too original since we have selected the two great options. There are many games dedicated to football, but both FIFA Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer remain a reference.

FIFA Soccer

The renewed classic year after year, they are more than 20 years behind him, comes again this year to immerse ourselves in the purest football environment . Play exciting games against other players , evolve your Ultimate Team or play it all in Attack mode to win where we will take the role of the striker.

Those looking for the most social aspect of the game will enjoy the League mode , in which we will demonstrate our talent both on and off the pitch. Everything to go climbing positions in the general classification and conquer the world with our team.


If you are not from FIFA then you must be from PES, here there are no half measures one or the other, a game that has evolved over time. And in its most recent version it has moved all the excitement and fun of the game for consoles , now on our smartphone.

Dispute matches both locally and online , where we will be challenged globally by both other players and weekly events . It also incorporates new world league licenses, reaching from Europe to Asia. For the most nostalgic, the legendary players mode will put us in the shoes of players who were everything in this sport.

Soccer manager

Those who enjoy more of the strategic aspect of king sport can put themselves in the shoes of the manager of a whole soccer team. From the prop to the top star of the team, everything will be under our hands and being responsible for both success and hard failure.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile

After the longed for PC Soccer, this title was able to fill the void left by the Spanish game . A game that has matured on different platforms, from consoles to mobile devices. Being polished year after year, putting at our disposal one of the best games of this genre.

Few hits can be found to a game that is careful to the smallest detail , perhaps being paid may be the only impediment for many. Although we must say that it is one of those few Android games that deserves to make the investment, since it offers many hours of excitement, fun and strategy in abundance.

Football Master 2019

Those who prefer a more affordable version, free with some ads, are in luck. Since our next protagonist brings a very complete proposal , in which we will enjoy and suffer when we are responsible for our team.

A game that as a whole is a very worthy option, since it has all the ingredients of the genre . Also enjoying a 3D simulator of our games, to take even further if you can get the thrill of this sport. As a “negative” point we do not have official licenses , something understandable in such a modest project.

Soccer applications: Fantasy leagues

Moving away a bit from virtual games and getting closer to human interaction, we came to the sauce of many gangs of friends. We talk about the fantasy leagues, where we must make our team and according to the results of LaLiga, we will go up or down in the classification.


Until now the undisputed king was Comunio, but in recent times fans have been moving to one of the many alternatives available. The proposal we bring you has a very careful and visually pleasing environment design .

Something that will allow us to take our team to glory or failure , according to the choices we make and the results of the LaLiga matches. Putting in our pockets all the excitement of a game that had its beginnings using a pen and paper.

LaLiga Fantasy Brand 2020

Speaking of the origins of the fantasy leagues , many will remember with love how they consulted the prestigious sports newspaper to record the evolution of their team. Which players had played a good role? Which would go to the bench?

An information thanks to which we managed our team, planning the next signings and sales. Now in its digital version it has everything you need, within the application itself. So the romanticism of consulting the paper newspaper is a bit lost, is what time has passed.

Soccer applications: Results of matches

We may only need to know the results of our favorite teams , something that was done by reading our reference newspaper or by consulting teletext. And now we can consult the second from our smartphone or tablet.

LaLiga – Official Results App

Being the official application of LaLiga we will find everything a football fan wants, rankings , statistics , latest news and the best moments . But not only from the domestic competition, but we also have the Copa del Rey , UEFA Champions League and Europa League .

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