This is The New Online Game Everyone is Talking About

Thanks to technological advancements, one can now play real-time casino games online over digital devices in their homes’ comfort. And you get dozens of casino games!

One such game is the Lucky 7, which has taken the internet by storm.

This is The New Online Game Everyone is Talking About
This is The New Online Game Everyone is Talking About

What is lucky 7?

Lucky 7 is an online live dealer casino game that was inspired by an old Indian card game. This game is from Ezugi hence the name Ezugi Lucky 7.

Players play the game by betting whether the next card drawn from the pack will be below or above 7.

Additionally, you can bet on side bets if you don’t want to place bets alongside the main hand. You could bet on whether the next draw will be a red or a black, odd, even, or 7.

How do you play Lucky 7?

Lucky seven is played with eight decks of 52 cards each, and the jokers are excluded. The dealer begins by shuffling an eight-deck dealing shoe before placing a cutting card approximately three quarters through the shoe.

The cutting card ensures that not all cards are used in the game as the dealer replaces the shoe with a new deck if the players reach the cutting card while playing.

To enhance integrity in the game, the dealer discards several cards from the top deck after reshuffling. The top card’s value determines the number of cards discarded from the deck after a complete reshuffle.

Once all this is done, the game is set to begin. Players have the following betting lines;

  • Below seven pays in a ratio of 1:1
  • Above seven pays in a ratio of 1:1
  • Exactly seven pays in a ratio of 11: 1

For side bet options, the odds are;

  • Odd pays 8:10
  • Even pays 1:1
  • Black pays 9:10
  • Red pays 9:10

After placing all bets successfully (a process that takes only 10 seconds), the dealer deals a single card face-up on the middle of the table.

Suppose the dealer deals a seven on top of the table. All the below seven and above seven bets are reduced by 50%, while other bets are settled in line with the card that has been dealt. The game is played similarly to Hi-Lo, and the only difference is that Hi-Lo lacks the seven aspects of Lucky 7.

Lucky 7 is purely a game of chance. However, you can calculate the probability of a particular bet occurring with some knowledge in numbers. The challenge is that you cannot predict when that specific event will happen.

The game is interactive and has a chat option between the player and the dealer. Additionally, you can set your sound limits on the volume controls.

You can see how to play Lucky 7 in this video.

Where can I play it?

Lucky 7 is an online game and can be played in any online casino that offers it.

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