Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Which is More Popular?

Soon after TikTok got banned in India, Instagram came out with its reel feature. Users can record and share videos with the whole world. While evaluating where you should post the videos, you must know the differences and similarities between both these platforms and know how you can maximize your follower base and increase likes.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Which is More Popular?
Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Which is More Popular?

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Which is More Popular?

In today’s era, it is becoming increasingly important to stay up to date so that you can determine what works best for your social media posts.

Knowing the key differences between Tiktok and Instagram reels will allow you to choose the platform which is best for you to dedicate your time and design your content accordingly and increase followers to get popular.

Today we have drafted this article to showcase the aspects of both these platforms and evaluate the features of the platforms to implement your business.

We will be talking about Instagram reels first

Instagram reels were launched when Tiktok was surging in popularity. Instagram did this once before by launching Instagram stories soon after Snapchat came out.

Reels were launched as a response to the growth of Tiktok. Reels can be used by budding influencers, creators, bloggers and big businesses which otherwise could not use TikTok because it is more of a ‘teenager centric’ app.

So, Instagram saw this as an opportunity to create the reels. The coolest thing about reels is that you can edit the reel directly on Instagram. So, even if you are an inexperienced video editor, you can edit the reels without any hassles.

To create Instagram reels, you have to head to the story section of Instagram and find the reels icon. Instagram has given equal importance to the creation of reels as it did while launching IGTV.

This feature fill the gap between Instagram stories by fitting behind scenes kind of content. More and more businesses are taking to Instagram reels to increase likes and followers.

Now let’s see what exactly Tiktok is

Tiktok is a social media video app that allows users to create and share videos. Music, dance and lip syncing videos make up Tiktok mostly.

Unlike Instagram’s open policies about their algorithms, Tiktok has been mysterious about what content performs well on it. The app was launched in 2017 and in 2019 it has experienced exponential growth and there has been no looking back after that.

Tiktok has become the latest platform to reach a wide range of young population particularly, Gen Z and Millenials. Brands have started looking at Tiktok in the same way as they used to look at IGTV and Instagram stories.

One key feature that gives Tiktok an edge over Instagram reels is Tiktok’s creator marketplace which connects brands to content creator partners using real-time performance data.

Influencer marketing is very new to the video platform. Tiktok also acts as an agent between its creative, facilitating introductions and providing assistance in managing campaigns.

To get more real TikTok followers, you need a good TikTok presence. Increase your audience, the more opportunities you will get to increase brand awareness and engage your potential customers.

Titkok vs Instagram Reels

The primary benefit of using Instagram reels is that most creative brands and small businesses already use. The audience is there and the reach is noted too.

Brands have created marketing strategies for the platform. It is really easy to incorporate it into the reels feature as well. You can measure your analytics and insights from the same place so overall we can say that is a one stop solution.

The characteristic that gives it an edge over Tiktok is that the demographics of Instagram users is broader and people who are not an audience in Tiktok.

The primary benefit of using TikTok is its ability to create video that it can target the next generation of users. Since the new generation is more focused towards the creation of behind the scenes and real authentic content, it becomes easy to target them through the platform.

Both platforms essentially provide the same services. The only difference is the platform. While Tiktok is relatively a new platform targeting new audience which can be used by brands to increase their visibility, Instagram has been there in the competition for quite a while. The audience is defined in the case of Instagram and you need to perform certain hit and trial methods to test Tiktok.

In terms of popularity, we can thereby conclude that while Instagram reels are more popular among small businesses, bloggers, influencers and people aged 30 to 50; Titktok is more popular among the young population and teenagers so there is no comparison between both.

We would recommend everyone to not put their eggs in one basket. There might be a situation when you entirely depend on one platform and due to certain issues the platform has to close down.

Then, you will have nowhere to go and it would take effort, time and patience to establish the same reputation on the other platform.

It is best to create strategies that suit both these platforms otherwise you might have to suffer losses. Social media is constantly changing and you should be flexible enough to adapt to these emerging changes.

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