Tips on Getting the Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies all over the world. Even right now, as you are reading this article, millions of people are playing Fortnite, FIFA, NBA 2K, PUBG,online casino video poker, slot games, and many others.

Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors
Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors

Tips on Getting the Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors

People adore playing online games – it has become an outlet, a kind of escapism that allows them to plunge into virtual worlds of adventure and distract from reality with its problems.

Even if you are a skilled gamer, you will be surprised by how many ways you can find to make the gaming process more immersive. In other words, there are many different solutions to enhance the gaming experience. In this guide, we want to share with you tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of every game. So stay tuned and enjoy reading!

Technical Recommendations


The computer desk is one of the essential items in the life of everyone, which simultaneously serves as a workplace, leisure area, and home theater. Therefore, it is necessary to choose and arrange it very responsibly.

To begin with, the table itself should be as big as the room allows – so it always has enough space for the necessary things, equipment, and cable channels.

It is also crucial to place the table right in front of the window facing the North-East, so it remains well lighted for most of the daylight hours. Furthermore, since the monitors face the light from the backside, there is no glare, and even in bright sun, the image always remains well discernible since the screen stands in its own shadow.

There is nothing that beats PC games during the holidays. You can the best games of the decade, invite some friends over, and then utilize the vacations to stay indoors and play games. If you are looking at websites that can help you download PC games easily and for free, please visit

Pros:in summer it won’t be too hot to sit in front of the window, while in winter you can stretch your legs to the radiator for warmth. In addition, you can keep plants on the window sill for extra coziness in the room.


It is not so important what exactly you will connect to the monitors: a console, gaming computer, or laptop – better not save on monitors because you’re going to spend more than half your life in front of them. But, on the other hand, it is worth deciding what you’ll be doing and what you’ll be playing, and choose wisely.

You can often notice that gamers have three monitors working simultaneously, and it really helps to immerse in the game. But the choice is yours, and you can buy two or one, but with a large diagonal. Remember one essential rule: do not buy monitors with wide black frames that cut the picture and hurt your eyes.


Don’t forget about the most important thing – the PC. To play demanding games at 7680×1080 resolution or to keep three or four applications open all the time, you need a powerful PC with plenty of RAM and a graphics card with multiple DisplayPort/HDMI outputs. Nowadays, you can find many offers at affordable prices from such brands as Asus, Dell, Acer, and others.

It is also better to buy a gaming computer with many peripheral ports, especially a USB. The golden rule of computer ergonomics: any device that is actively used should be accessible to an outstretched hand without getting up from the chair, which significantly improves productivity.

Gaming Keyboard

Choosing a keyboard and mouse is a personal business for each gamer. However, there are general recommendations that will make the process of gaming control more convenient.

Lately, gamers are choosing keyboards with backlighting – it’s handy because when the light is off, you can see which button you need to press, and let’s not deny that it also looks cool and cozy.

Keyboards can be wired and wireless, but for the gaming area, it is better to prefer a wired connection with a USB plug, which provides faster data transmission than Bluetooth models.

Gaming keyboards will cost you a bit more than the office models, but it is worth choosing devices from this class due to:

  • fast response (branded models are focused on high performance, which improves performance in shooters);
  • backlighting and visually attractive surface;
  • convenient key combination (manufacturers often add function keys designed for games).

Be sure to leave room to lay your wrists for a gaming keyboard. This advice is valid not only for gamers but also for working with many documents or in major editors with a lot of hotkeys; free hand placement is also essential.


Your gaming space definitely needs a gaming mouse. This attribute also differs from the usual office models with its high sensitivity, anatomical shape for hand comfort, the presence of additional keys, and much more.

When choosing a mouse, first of all, pay attention to the number of extra buttons, its shape, the presence of a backlight (if it is necessary for you), and the possibility to adjust the sensitivity. These parameters will help you choose individual tactics in games of different genres.


You’ll definitely need a flexible gaming mousepad or a hard gaming surface for dynamic games. It improves slip and helps with cleanliness. Preferably, such a surface should occupy at least a quarter of the total usable table surface or slightly less.


An equally important attribute of your ideal gaming space is the chair. After all, the chair determines how long you can sit at the computer and in what condition you will stand up. In addition, a poorly designed, uncomfortable chair can lead to health problems, such as back problems.

Generally, it is necessary to take a break from the game and walk around at least once per hour to warm up and not look at the screen so that your eyes do not strain and the blood circulation is not violated.

Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors
Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors

Gaming chairs may look weird and provocative, but they are effective. Specifically, adjustable height, backrest, and armrests allow you to get the most comfortable, while lumbar and cervical rollers support posture, so the back is much less tired. Many of them can also be folded back 180 degrees so that you can take a nap in the breaks between games.

Audio System

If your speakers are more advanced than the standard stereo, the manufacturer has already mentioned how to mount them to get the appropriate sound in the instructions.

With microphones, the situation is a bit more complicated. Suspension, windscreen, pop filter, and other professional attributes are necessary for any streamer.

At the same time, we can safely say that an ordinary high-quality headset with a regular but sensitive microphone on a telescopic leg is enough for most gamers. If your entire gaming activity is reduced to conversations in chat – buying a great headset will be enough.

Improve Network Speed

Any gamer knows that there is nothing worse than a slow internet connection. Therefore, your network speed should be as fast as possible when playing online.

Otherwise, you will have a ruined gaming experience and nerves. Choosing a high-quality gaming router will reduce network latency during online gaming sessions, significantly increasing your gaming experience and the frequency of your winnings.

Online Gambling Tips

What kind of bets to place?

When playing at an online casino, it is vital not to bet too much. There are many games where the payouts are more extensive than they seem, so you should be careful not to be caught by cheaters.

You should also know how to read all your cards before deciding to bet on sure hands because this will help you avoid acting too quickly.

How to Get the Best Online Gambling Experience?

Choosing a high-quality online casino is key to an excellent experience and winnings. Carefully choose online casino sites: check for licenses, quality providers, availability of customer support, Random Number Generator, and security technologies.

All trustworthy casinos provide such information on their websites, but it’s better not to play at such casinos for real money if you can’t find such details. Also, make sure that the casino you select offers up-to-date games and big lucrative bonuses.


While playing online casino games from a public or shared computer, you better use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will prevent your ISP from spying on your web traffic. Although it’s not 100% reliable, VPN does work well as a secondary line of protection against hackers who would love to steal your personal data.

Know When to Stop

Don’t bet all your money at once, just allocate an amount you are ready to part with before you start playing.

Want to play safely? Then choose online cards games or slots with smaller payouts. This way, you can enjoy the thrill of online gaming without losing all your money at once.

Keep an Eye on Your Bets

When playing for real money, always keep an eye on your bets. You should have enough chips or cash to cover the risks and no more.

This strategy will allow you to avoid dangerous situations where you lose more than you planned. So play wisely and always watch your moves to enjoy every thrilling online casino game!

Play Live Dealer Games

Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors
Best Immersive Gaming Experience Staying Indoors

Experience the atmosphere of Las Vegas or Atlantic City from the comfort of your own home while playing at live casino sites. With such live dealer games, you can play with a real croupier and enjoy live casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Super 6.

These games are played in real-time, and you follow them through a live streaming service on your computer or phone. You can use the keyboard and mouse to place your bets, while the cards, roulette, and other equipment are controlled by a professional dealer in a studio on the other side of your screen.

You can even have the option to chat with the dealer using the Live Chat on the online casino site. Overall, this is an excellent alternative to land-based casinos that you will definitely enjoy!

Schedule and Gameplay Tips

Try Different Games

One of the reasons some players can’t enjoy the game may be the constant playing of the same title, which can become dull, and you won’t even notice.

We quickly get used to the gameplay mechanics and are less immersed in the process of playing, so to solve this problem, try playing other games and change genres. It’s also can be very amusing!

Reduce the Playing Time

After long uninterrupted hours of intense play, the process starts to lose its magic, and that’s a fact. However, if you want to regain your enthusiasm and immersion in the game, you just need to play less time and perhaps even not that often.

For instance, if you usually spend 3-4 hours on the game, try decreasing that time to one or two hours. Eventually, you will see how much your pleasure has increased, regardless of what games you’re playing.

Remove Distractions

In today’s world, we get distracted very often, and the biggest culprit is our smartphones, with their constant messages and notifications from all kinds of social networks.

The very first thing that spoils our game experience is distractions. If you find this problem frequent, try to turn off the Internet or your smartphone during the play to concentrate on the game process as much as possible.


We hope you have received comprehensive answers to the question of how to get the best immersive gaming experience staying indoors, and many of our tips have been really helpful for you. So start organizing your best gaming space and enjoy your favorite hobby to the fullest!

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