4 Tips For Each Lane in LOL

Intro: League of Legends is a complex game with many different mechanics and strategies that can be employed. To improve, it’s essential to know what each lane is meant to do and how you can best play in that role. This blog post will cover four tips for each lane in the game.

Tips For Each Lane in LOL
Tips For Each Lane in LOL

4 Tips For Each Lane in LOL

Whether you’re a new player just starting or someone looking to improve your gameplay, hopefully, this information will be helpful to you!

1. Jungler:

Tips For Each Lane in LOL
Tips For Each Lane in LOL

In the early game, your top priority should be to clear the jungle camps and help out your teammates by ganking enemies.

You’ll become less of a ganker and more of an objective control unit as the game progresses. But you can get the best early game supports to get you through the game with relative ease.

  1. Always try to get an early gank off. The extra gold and XP for your team can be a massive help, especially if you can secure a kill (or even two). If your jungler is not in the map area, consider blue pilling back and heading to their lane. If you’re lucky, you might be able to pick off an unsuspecting enemy with little to no resistance.
  2. Communicate with your jungler. If they’re ganking, let them know if the enemy is warded or which side of the lane you think would be best suited for the gank (e.g., top/bot instead of mid). This way, there is less chance of the enemy spotting the incoming gank.
  3. Keep your jungle alive! it is essential, especially in lower divisions where people don’t know what they’re doing. Dying to a jungle gank can be infuriating, but it’s sometimes necessary for them to get XP/gold if you are not in immediate danger of dying (e.g., you’re not low HP and the enemy is not fed).
  4. Keep your jungle warded as well. If the enemy jungler is ganking a lane, they will likely come from your side of the map next. Wards give you the warning to avoid them entirely or prepare for an engagement.

2. Mid:

Tips For Each Lane in LOL
Tips For Each Lane in LOL

The mid lane is where most professional games are won or lost. Because most jungle invades occur in the mid lane, it’s also the shortest distance to a dragon.

Having a jungler in your mid-lane can be very beneficial because of these reasons. You’re the most powerful person on your team early game, as well as mid-late.

Start by grabbing a minion wave and going aggro with it so you can level up faster than everyone else. Once you have both Quints and Masteries, take Red Buff if no one else has done so yet.

Focus on getting CS up and doing damage to enemy champs. If there’s no immediate threat, you should easily be able to farm the wave if it is not next to your tower.

  1. Try not to fight anyone at level 1. Last-hitting minions are your main priority, not trying to get kills. It only takes one gank for someone like Evelynn or Rengar to kill you, and if you die to them once, they will get the kill every time.
  2. You have the most opportunity of any lane to roam since you have your E. If your jungler is not about to gank, you should be either pushing the lane or looking for potential opportunities elsewhere on the map.
  3. In high elo games, bot lane is the most strategic lane to fight at since it’s very likely that you will meet a competent enemy; if you’re playing in a solo queue, try to play more casually and focus on farming.
  4. If you’re ahead, don’t be afraid to roam and make plays elsewhere on the map. Not only can it help your team, but if you keep them on edge, they will play more passively, which will help you farm.
  5. Whenever possible, try to look for a good gank on another lane. It can help you snowball your lead by getting kills and assists while denying CS and EXP from your opponents.

3. Bot lane:

Tips For Each Lane in LOL
Tips For Each Lane in LOL

The bot lane is vital, so be sure to work with your partner and stay safe! Farm minions, take down towers and make sure to avoid taking too much damage.

  1. If you’re playing in casuals, it’s okay to be aggro and go for kills, but in high elo games, it’s often better to let the AD carry farm while you help them manage the lane. If you have more aggressive support, keep an eye on their positioning and poke the enemy if they overextend.
  2. If you’re laning with someone like Warwick, Thresh, or Nami, try to throw your CC at them when their abilities are on cooldown (mainly after they use Flash). It can be enough to secure a kill if their Flash is down.
  3. If you’re laning against an AD caster like Talon, Zed, or Yasuo, play passively until they trade with you. Once they have used their abilities and taken minion damage, feel free to attack them back while spamming your skills.

4. Top laners:

Tips For Each Lane in LOL
Tips For Each Lane in LOL

In the early game, top laners should focus on getting last hits on minions and not dying too often. Once they’ve reached level 6 or 7, they can start pushing their lane harder. Everyone has their playstyle for top, but typically you will want to remain safe and farm.

Try not to take too much harassment from the enemy and avoid being ganked. If you can farm, you will be a force to be reckoned with later in the game.

  1. When you’re in the top lane, make sure to use the brushes. Not only does this give you increased vision (and the ability to hide), but it also allows your teammates to see which direction you’re pushing if they need to rotate mid.
  2. If the enemy jungler is trying to gank your lane, protect your turret by hiding in the brush. If you have pushed their minions back, it’s elementary to run away from ganks. They will be forced to dive under the turret to continue the gank. However, if their jungler has a hard CC (e.g., Sejuani), hide in the brush to avoid the CC so you can counter-attack when they try to dive or chase you under the tower!
  3. You don’t need to push your lane all of the time. It is because minions give experience if they’re nearby when an enemy minion dies, not necessarily because they’re in your lane. If your minion wave is at the edge of your tower, poke when it’s safe to do so and let the wave push toward you instead. This way, if the enemy jungler does come for a gank, he will have to overextend before being able to dive or chase you down under the turret.


If you’re a League of Legends player or even just a gamer in general, these tips should help improve your gameplay. Remember to experiment and find what works best for you – everyone plays differently, and there is no perfect way to play.

With time and practice, you’ll be able to put these tips into action and start dominating the battlefield! Are there any other lane-specific tips that have worked well for you?

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