5 Tips for More Successful Instagram Ads

Ready to hit the market but feeling anxious because of an ineffective online marketing strategy. Don’t worry as we have uncovered 5 paid promotion secrets that will take your brand growth and visibility to the next level.

Tips for More Successful Instagram Ads
Tips for More Successful Instagram Ads

5 Tips for More Successful Instagram Ads

This article encompasses a step-by-step guide that will enable you to set up and monitor your advertising campaign on Instagram.

Follow these 5 actionable strategies to increase engagement and gain a wider reach on Instagram.

1. Selecting the ideal Instagram advertising objective

Before running a successful Instagram ad campaign, you would like to know practical advice. Just take advantage of certain parameters mentioned below and run your campaign to gain a wider reach on Instagram.

There are three major Facebook Ads Manager objectives that will assist you in this process.


Every brand seeks the attention of customers and wants them to remember it. This is where the awareness factor takes the lead. It allows Instagram users to see and remember your brand.

If you want to maximize the visibility of your ad, use Reach and take your ad to a high number of users. Use ad recall lift to measure increased brand awareness.


The consideration goal comes to the rescue when you have to perform a specific task. This can be increasing traffic, boosting engagement, app-installs, or launching Instagram video ads.


Finally, there are conversion objectives that are ideal for converting leads to clients. Leverage these tips to increase engagement on Instagram.

2. Choosing the perfect Instagram ad format

After deciding on your marketing objective, it’s time to choose an Instagram ad format for visually depicting your brand story. Feel free to analyze your objectives and find out which format should be pursued.

If your primary goal is to build brand awareness and increase engagement, go for photo ads. Add customizable CTA buttons and you will witness a surge in customer interaction.

Apart from this, adding buttons such as “Contact Us”, “Learn More”, “Sign Up”, etc. will generate more Instagram followers.

Video ads are the winner for telling immersive stories and engaging people with your brand. Catch the sweet spot by uploading an eye-catching thumbnail and take your customers’ experience to the next level with interactive components.

Likewise, you can choose carousel ads if you want to share scrollable images and videos.

The final version is the story ad that involves full-screen and vertical compilations of images or short videos. This feature nails your goals and is a substitute for other ads for increasing brand visibility. Nevertheless, you can easily gain a wider reach on Instagram with the perfect ad format.

3. Targeting your audience effectively

What’s the thing that hurts a brand the most? It’s probably an aimless direction. If you want to reap the benefits of Instagram and boost your engagement rates, try to target audiences that are relevant to your brand.

Instagram offers a plethora of targeting options. This leaves you with various ad testing options and opportunities for growth. Before going ahead, critically evaluate the target persona and targeting strategy to increase engagement.

Controlling Instagram ads becomes a cakewalk with Facebook Ads Manager. There are three main audience types.

Core Audiences

As the name suggests, it is the default ad targeting option.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences include a group that has already been associated with your brand. Their sources are your email lists, CRM software, or other data sources.

Lookalike Audiences

Have you seen your doppelganger? If yes, you can easily trace that lookalike audience share similar characteristics with your existing customers. Gain a wider reach on Instagram by targeting the right customer base.

4. Budgeting

Instagram ads are extraordinary in terms of their visual appeal. They can be interesting or even confusing. Hence, discovering their true value is a worthwhile thing. Instagram ads allow you to adopt and tailored approach and spend according to your will. You just need to set the budget and Instagram’s ad engine will work with full efficiency.

Let’s have a glance at the major types of Budgeting

Daily vs. lifetime budgeting

If you want to spend a specific amount each day, choose the daily budget.

A lifetime budget offers more control over your campaign by distributing your budget at the optimal times throughout the period.

Standard vs. accelerated delivery

In the standard delivery, Instagram evenly spends your budget. Contrary to this, the accelerated delivery involves Instagram pushing your budget spending to the highest levels. The standard form works best unless you want to increase the frequency or reach of your ads.

Budget optimization

Try to optimize your budget to maximize results for your objective. Employing the right budget will allow you to increase engagement on Instagram and plan your ad strategy.

Choose the best type according to your business needs and gain a wider reach on Instagram.

5. Making the right bid

Let’s throw some money to win Instagram auctions so that your ad reaches people. A flawless Instagram ad campaign requires you to carefully plan your objectives and execute the decision. Instagram is loaded with aesthetic and advanced functionalities that enable you to craft memorable visual advertisements.

Bidding based on cost per conversion is ideal if you want to spend money only when your target is achieved in the form of users’ actions.

Here, you get two options- automatic and manual bidding. The automatic version sets appropriate bids for you while the manual is cost-efficient.

We hope you find these 5 tips crucial and relevant for your business advertising on Instagram. Work on a strategy today to achieve exponential growth and remarkable results. Feel free to comment on the trick that worked best for your industry.

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