Tips For Playing Azur Lane For Beginners

Azur Lane is a hell style mobile game, with the characters of warships from World War II. If players already know the two Touhou and Kancolle franchises from Japan, Azur Lane is a mixture of the two.

Tips for Playing Azur Lane for Beginners
Tips for Playing Azur Lane for Beginners

Tips for Playing Azur Lane for Beginners

This time, we will share tips on playing Azur Lane for beginners so that they can quickly master.

1. How to Get EXP for Ships

In fact, Azur Lane is a rather difficult game, players have to clear the map repeatedly to get enough levels on both fleets. The overall rule is for the player to clear the fourth map from each world until it is strong enough to go to the next world. Increase the power in 1-4, 2-4, and 3-4 until you reach level 80 or more.

Exp can also be obtained in PVP or ” Practice ” mode as a new player, where players may not be able to fight with anyone, but only send their fleet and fight. Even if you lose, players will still get exp and Merit ( game currency ).

The best method for gaining exp is probably a Dorm, as long as the player has food, the ships stationed there will get constant exp even when not playing.

Lecture Hall is also a good method to get exp, he kept a percent of exp level 100 received by the vessel and distributed to all shipgirls stationed there.

2. How to Strengthen Shipgirls


Try to fill up all of the unit’s equipment slots as the player drops them into battle. Overall, the rule is to try to equip shipgirls with as much purple and gold gear as possible.

From chapter 3 onwards, players need to upgrade them, materials dropped from world 1-5 can only increase gears to +6 max, players must complete world 6 to get enough purple material to upgrade equipment to +10.

Equipment can be obtained from open boxes, blueprint drops, and events. Check the Craft menu in the items section often to see if there’s anything ready to craft.

Limit Break

Shipgirlscan be restricted to the same ship or a coat of the same color. The player must limit the damage to the ship used at least once or twice to complete the early chapters more easily.


Raise the level continues to book the most frequently used.


Some shipgirls can be retrofit, this upgrade will increase their stats and add one additional skill. Blueprints required for retrofitting can be found in Hard Mode and elsewhere.

3. How to Get Resources

Players need to complete daily raids every day, daily raids will give gold, plates, books, and boxes. After that, players need to clear Hard Mode. We recommend that you complete the most difficult maps every day, preferably world 3 or higher, because these maps will give you BP gold.

Upgrade the canteens and merchants in the academy for a steady flow of gold and oil.

4. Item Should Purchased Gems Free

Azur Lane will provide several premium currencies for F2p players, best used for Dock Slots (players will need more) and Dorm Slots (1 or 2 more slots is recommended for faster-leveling speed ).

Gems can be obtained by filling out the collection and the 3-star main story.

5. Things to Do at the Event

Typically, Azur Lane events will have two difficulty levels, one for new players and one for veterans. Both levels give almost the same number of prizes, except for the last trophy. Prioritize points for new ships and equipment at the event.

6. Gameplay Tips

There are five main classes at Azur Lane: Battleship / Battlecruiser (BB), Aircraft Carrier (CV), Heavy Cruiser (CA), Light Cruiser (CL), and Destroyer (DD). The rule is to send one of the classes to the fleet, with BB in the middle to shoot suicide boats and improve their killing skills.

For Frontline, CA must be in the leading position as a tank. The rest can be placed wherever the player likes.

If the player has a 3-star problem on the map, get more levels for the shipgilrs and beat it until the threat level turns green. Each level the shipgirls have against the enemy will give them 2% damage and defense.

If the player has a submarine, the player can also take it down to get additional damage too.

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