Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tips For Startups

Instagram is an app well known to the present generation. When we talk about social media marketing, it is, without a doubt, the top in the game. With user engagement much higher than Facebook and Snapchat, this is the perfect platform for launching your startup.

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Startups
Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Startups

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Startups

It offers a large number of followers, which is vital for your business development. You have the freedom to post engaging photos, videos, and stories with the assistance of an online ad maker. If you dream of having a thriving business, then you must read the article for premium marketing tips.

Starting your Instagram marketing journey can be quite exciting, but also overwhelming as well. So here are a few vital tips of you, for making it large by the right use of Instagram marketing:

1) Make objectives

The first step for online marketing for startups involves defining a goal. You should prepare yourself with some important questions about your target audience, your prospects for Instagram, about funding, and ways to generate traffic.

With this information and using SEO, you will have a better strategy and specific objective for converting Instagram users to customers.

2) Understand your audience

You may produce excellent content and offer unique products, but still, there can be low to negligible user engagement. The reason for the content not being hit among the people is the poor judgment for the audience.

Hence, the small business must understand their target audience on Instagram. With the analytics and numerous surveys, it is found that the audience engaging long hours on the Instagram platform is in the range:

  • Ages 18–24: 75% approx.
  • Ages 25–29: 57% approx.
  • Ages 30–49: 47% approx.
  • Ages 50–64: 23% approx.
  • Ages 65+: 8% approx.

Thus, the business owners have to focus more on creating content for the millennial and generation Z for a higher engagement rate. Also, you need to recognize the potential consumer or if they can be useful for your brand growth.

3) Use the power of hashtags

The average engagement rate of 4.21%; thus, the Instagram post has a vast audience. Its most essential tool is hashtags as the creation of hashtags is necessary for increasing the reach of the brand.

You can make use of general specific hashtag campaigns to reach out to your target audience. As a startup, be careful with the use of relevant hashtags as they create a brand name on the Instagram platform.

The use of popular hashtags in your genre makes it easier to discover your content or brand. The material containing hashtags get higher comments, likes, and views. Hence, you must create your unique hashtag to earn followers as well as building your unique brand.

Your hashtag can be a brand slogan, CTA, or a phrase, as per your desire. The custom hashtags are effecting, directing a broad audience and numerous social sharing features.

4) Explore Instagram stories

TheInstagram storiesare posts that are available for only 24 hours, and they appear in the form of slide shows. The startups can take advantage of this feature:

  • The platform displays stories at the top. Hence your follower can check out your content regularly.
  • These posts need not be of premium quality like you can post behind the scene pictures, etc.
  • All the stories you post do not have to follow the theme of your brand.
  • You have the opportunity to experiment with your content by using Instagram story features, including photos, short video, rewind video, live video, boomerangs, etc.
  • There is also a feature of tagging other accounts in Stories, which is helpful for brand development if you are collaborating with a brand or influencer on Instagram.

5) Vibe with the Influencers

Collaboration with Instagram influencers is a grand move for boosting your company’s development and audience engagement. They are the primary source for generating curiosity about your products or services.

Working with the right influencer is an important part of having a successful Instagram campaign. Many influencer marketing platforms like Humanz, Grin, and Upfluence offer filters that make this process easy.

These platforms help to find the person who is the most suitable for your brand. For those who have small, local businesses working with nano influencers as they have a more engaged audience and in-depth content.

However, macro Instagram influencers are a good choice for those who have an international brand and need to announce their products all over the world.

Many surveys find that using influencer marketing; the return on investment is much higher than other media forms. They promote or talk about your content in the form of short videos and photos, with the use of company hashtags. They are vital for your brand as they not only provide positive publicity but also drive the audience for purchase.

One of the best ways of getting this job done is by hiringhigh-quality video production services. A professional team will set up the whole strategy for success, backing up their plans with their expertise and previous outstanding results.

6) Offer tempting Discounts

Discounts and exciting deals on the product are an immensely powerful source for getting high ROI. When you post exclusive deals on Instagram for your audience, it helps in gaining more followers and a higher engagement rate.

You can offer some exciting deals for brand promotion like special promotions, deals, giveaways, contests, and freebies. Do not forget to use the hashtags for making your brand accessible.

7) Get Live Often

When your Instagram account has a massive fan following, then you can start going live and interact with your audience. Using it, you can solve all their queries concerning your product or service, as well as build the trust of the user.

It is a key factor in converting them into buyers. With the live feature, you may talk about your latest products, news, feedback, and more as per your desire. The present generation highly engages and appreciates live sharing, and it assists in the brand’s global reach.

8) Create Powerful Promotional Videos

Within the past few months, video marketing has become an up-roaring section of Instagram marketing for startups. It can help you in the generation of leads, promoting your products and high user engagement; all by the use of online video content.

While video content is replacing all other forms of content, you must use this robust marketing tool. You can employ short commercial videos on Instagram to engage social media users.

9) Gain from Analytics

You must get the knowledge of the Instagram analytical tools for making your product stand out among the others. You need to have updates on promotions, posts, and ads by your brand.

You have to keep track of the post views to understand what kind of content went well with the audience. Use numerous tools and metrics for monitoring and analyzing your Instagram posts. Create promotional strategies using this data for a higher audience reach of your content.

10) Sought Instagram Ads

The business accounts on Instagram offer the feature of ads, which can assist the startup marketing strategy. You may use native ads for higher ROI and also useonline ad makersfor high quality and attractive ads.

In this feature, you may promote your content in the form of photo ads and video ads and Stories ads. Among them, the most effective is the story ad, and people view the stories every day.

The advantage of Instagram ads is the fast, cheap, and less effort for campaigns, with a significantly high conversion rate.

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