Top 5 Mobile Tower Defense Games 2021

Tower defenseisasub-branch ofthestrategy genre, thisgenreis very suitable onmobilebecause of its slow and calculating nature. This time, We will share five lists ofthebestmobile tower defense gamesin 2021.

Top 5 Mobile Tower Defense Games
Top 5 Mobile Tower Defense Games

Top 5 Mobile Tower Defense Games 2021

Kingdom Rush

In Kingdom Rush, players will focus on tower abilities and when to activate them compared to tower variations. Players will fight up to 60 levels in thispower and magic themedtower defense game.

Have you ever wanted to control a wizard army or shoot arrows from a castle? Players are guaranteed to be satisfied playing thisgame.

Overall, the customization is at its best, withheroes, decorations,army upgrades, achievements,challenges, and much more.


Thisgameis quite unique in itsgenre, Arknights isa tower defense gamewithgacha elements. In Arknights, players create a list of characters from the gacha system and then use them as ”towers” to block waves of enemies on the map.

Each character has its own stats,skills, traits, abilities, similar toRPG games. The map design is also unique, each new level has a new challenge.

In general, Arknights is probablythebesttower defense game to date. Levels that are already rated three stars can be completed automatically without orders from the player because this game will record the player’s actions and replicate thegame. Arknights will save a lot of combat time because thisgameonly lets thegamerun itself.

Bloons TD

Another greattower defense gameis Bloons TD. However, this one is more of a grind than Arknights, since there is too much content to unlock, players can play this game all day long, with many levels of 100 rounds or more. The combat process is also quite slow and there aren’t as many towers in Bloons TD 6 compared to Arknights.

Bloons TD is alsoa premium game, players need to pay real money to buygames, and if players are not ready for combat, players can also pay more to unlock benefits using micro transactions.

There are 21 powerful monkey towers, each with 3 upgrade paths to choose from, along with 20 differentheroes, each with their own unique skills.

Iron Marines

Anothertower defense gamefrom the makers oftheKingdom Rushfranchise, this time players will go to outer space and survive with space marines.

Playreal-timestrategysci-fi battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command and conquer brave armies, mightymechasand aliens to fight hordes of extraterrestrial monsters, swarms of insects and armies of robots in a galaxy far away.

The amount of content is quite large, there are 21 campaign missions on all planets, 17 special operations, and 40 upgrades for troops.

Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2

Plant vs Zombie is still a top-leveltower defense gameworth playing in 2021.

Play thishit action-strategy adventure game, players will survive against a collection of cute zombies at each level. Gather an amazing army of plants, supplement the numbers withPlant Food, and build the ultimate strategy to protect the brain.

There are more than 300 levels, a very challenging endless zone, funmini-gamesanddaily Piñata Party events, there are always new challenges to complete.

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