Top Benefits Of Using A Short Code

Marketing is one of the basic needs of businesses to promote their products and services and expand their reach. One of the effective ways to do so is SMS marketing.

Top Benefits Of Using A Short Code
Top Benefits Of Using A Short Code

Top Benefits Of Using A Short Code

Now, you can use short codes for SMS marketing as it allows mass texting. It is also a cheaper option as compared to other marketing methods.

Global reach and mass texting

SMS short codes allow you to send any range of messages at one time. Its best quality is that you can reach a large group of audience within a few seconds at cost-effective payment.

In comparison to other marketing options such as purchasing ads, this SMS marketing is more affordable and you can also engage with a large group of consumers at a time. Its global coverage allows your marketing campaigns to connect with more users globally.

In fact, if you use the same short code for all your marketing as it costs less. It is not location-specific and thus you can maintain your consistent image with your diverse audiences.

Higher Open Rates and Opt-in

The global opt-in rate is 77% on average of messaging apps, and only 6% of customers allow receiving notification. You can use native SMS to reach more audience because 86% of customers keep SMS notification on.

SMS messages have a high-opt-in rate as well as a higher open rate. The email open rate is on an average 18% only while approximately 90% of text messages are read within two minutes. Also, users prefer to respond to those text messages seven times more than emails.

Brand security and recognition

Short code is essential for text marketing to your business; no matter you have a random code or vanity code. It not only contributes to your brand recognition but also helps to maintain your consistent brand image on communication channels and other platforms.

Security is also an essential contributor to make a positive brand image. Using a dedicated short code, your business follows all CTIA and FCC regulations. A dedicated short code also helps to increase control of message content and over spam.

Customer Contraction

You can use short codes to establish a connection with your customers and also increase customer contraction. Short codes are great for multiple purposes such as bulk broadcasting, personalized reminders, critical alerts, two-way messaging, and many others.

So, you will not need to use different communication channels to connect with your customer. Real-time message traffic reports work as a useful insight that allows you to increase customer engagement and improves your SMS campaigns.


When you use an SMS for marketing, it reaches faster or within a few seconds to your users than other marketing channels. Additionally, short codes give much higher output in comparison to long codes. SMS short codes allow sending time-sensitive communication such as changes or critical alerts to business policies which are efficient and quick.

Short codes are an effective way of marketing the businesses but sometimes businesses irritate the customers by spamming their message box. There are now websites such as ShortCodes available that allow the customers to check the short codes and know the company to which it belongs.

The customers can take legal action against the companies if they conduct any fraud or are disturbing the customers. So, if you are using this method for marketing, you need to ensure that you are not hampering the privacy of the customers.

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