Top 3 Children Games that Will Be Loved by Their Parents

Users create fictional worlds and get money from selling them, hunt cute sheep and pigs, use lying as a survival strategy and all in children’s games. That’s why you can not only online slots but also choose one of these games.

Top 3 Children Games that Will Be Loved by Their Parents
Top 3 Children Games that Will Be Loved by Their Parents

Top 3 Children Games that Will Be Loved by Their Parents


This is a multiplayer game where you invent and create your own worlds, and you can enter other people’s worlds as well. Develop them on the platform Roblox Studio. It’s safe to say that kids who are passionate about this game quickly understand the basics of programming.

You play as your character, which you can change as you like, build your own world. You can also go into other locations: the virtual worlds of other players are open.

At first glance it’s not clear what it is that attracts millions of children in this game, but it’s important to understand one thing: in my childhood, those who are now over 30, had more opportunities to run around vacant lots and construction sites in the company of similar children, build forts out of broken bricks and sticks, digging trenches in the yard and destroy other people’s fortifications.

Most modern children are not so entertained for various reasons: no yard, parents will not let go walk alone, no time, because soon to circle or section.

What can adults find for themselves here? As you play, you’ll learn how to model objects and create characters, design landscapes and work with textures, and study the Lua programming language. Roblox is a training camp, where you learn the basics of programming, web design and game mechanics.

Among Us

This game is best suited for school kids, but it’s not shameful to play a couple of times for an adult. The more it reminds of the good old Mafia. Only the location of this game is atypical. It’s a space.

The game randomly chooses a participant who will be a traitor, so not the fact that you are lucky. No sarcasm: playing as a negative hero is more interesting.

While the crew members are trying to complete their four missions, the traitor is having fun. He doesn’t have a mandatory task list, but it’s better to pretend that he does, or else he’ll be unmasked quickly.

The traitor moves through the vents, which gives you another cozy place to hide after a kill. It’s important that no one notices your character, as others can’t move through the vent.

Did you get caught? Talk back to the other player, just like in Mafia! Respond in the chat room more convincingly, defend yourself argumentatively and calmly. Your main task is to make sure that almost everyone died or threw each other into open space. The larger the team of players, the more traitors and tasks.

Rayman Raving Rabbids

It’s both arcade, action, adventure, and just plain rabbit madness. The game continues the series about a character named Rayman.

Rayman has been kidnapped by absolutely insane rabbits who want to take over the world. The protagonist is faced with trials unthinkable in their cruelty.

For example, you have to milk cows with hellish speed, shear sheep, dance to the soundtrack from “Pulp Fiction” so that these silly furry bastards like it. Don’t worry, all the minigames are different.

A particularly memorable minigame is when you have to identify those in the chorus of schoolboy bunnies who are singing falsely. Once you’ve identified the culprit, you can punch the muzzled rabbit without an ear to sing properly.

Races and rows of toilet bowls with rabbits also linger in your memory. And you’ll also get the light version of the shooter: shoot the big-eared monsters.

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