Top 10 Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines

Beautiful photos are not all you need to promote yourself on Instagram. You can post mind-blowing shots and not get many likes and new followers.

Apart from quality content, what do you need to succeed on Instagram? Let’s give you a couple of important tips for promoting your blog.

Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines
Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines

Top 10 Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines

1. Hashtags

You can say as much as you want that hashtags do not matter, the reality proves otherwise. Hashtags increase the number of subscribers, which means do not forget to put them. You can check the popularity of a particular hashtag using a variety of services.


Like other people’s photos – hard and often thankless work, but it gives a result: a hundred likes you get up to 5 new subscribers. Or more if the content on your blog is noteworthy.

Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines
Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines


By the way, relevant comments on other people’s blogs are more productive than likes (but one doesn’t negate the other). If the comment is thoughtful and insightful, you’ll get noticed, click through to your profile, and probably get subscribed. Hard work, but effective.

4. Subscriptions

By subscribing to people, you can count on reciprocal subscriptions. True, there are two conditions. The first is that your profile content must be interesting. Second – the content of your profile must be “related”. It’s hard to count on reciprocity when your interests don’t match.

5. Time

Time matters. A good time to publish posts on Instagram – from 5 to 10 pm. At other times, experts note low user engagement. However, you can post at any convenient time and watch the reaction of the audience.

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Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines
Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines

6. Content

Content should be and must be unique. In addition to uniqueness, content should be thematic, useful and regular. Posts without meaning, which appear when you’re in the mood, will force subscribing users to unsubscribe and passing users to pass by.

7. “Cats.”

If you have a pet – a kitty, dog, parrot or other – feel free to bring it on. Posts with pets always get a lot of likes. Handy when you have no ideas for content and need to post.

Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines
Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines

8. Questions

Accompany the posts with questions. This will provoke the audience to engage in the dialogue and build a base of interested, intrigued and active subscribers who will not only like but also comment.

9. Linking

On all social media, give a link leading to your Instagram profile. And if you are the lucky owner of a personal website or blog – even more so. You can’t have a lot of traffic. “Drain” users from any resource, including forums on which you actively or not so much communicate.

10. Advertising

There’s nowhere without advertising in Instagram. You can promote your account in two ways. The first is to negotiate with popular bloggers to advertise your profile.

The second is to order targeted ads on Instagram or Facebook. The main thing is to clearly understand for whom and for what purpose you want to advertise yourself.

Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines
Top Instagram Tips | Grow Your Bussines


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