Top Online Ludo Games To Try In 2022 And Beyond

When the times were tough, ludo got everybody going! Ludo is a classic board game that needs no special introduction. It has been a great source of entertainment during the pandemic and has always brought several people together to have a good time.

Top Online Ludo Games To Try
Top Online Ludo Games To Try

Top Online Ludo Games To Try In 2022 And Beyond

Online ludo is the only board game that allows more than four players to play together. There are several online ludo versions that you can play on all devices without any hassle.

The online gaming world has made this board game further exciting and is a great reason to bond with your family and friends and connect with new people.

Download Ludo Game and hop on to this article to find out the best ludo apps you should explore in 2022 and have a great time playing them.

Ludo Attack By MPL

As the name suggests, Ludo Attack is a fun-filled game that combines both the classic characteristics of the board game and the quirky bits added by MPL.

This enhances the visual experience and adds up to your gaming experience. Here, a player has to spin the wheel of mayhem to roll the dice and move it to wherever it lands on the board.

Getting your lucky number will allow you to land on the Attack Tile, which will bring you some brownie points and help you to steal the show. This game involves too many twists and turns that make things better.

Ludo Attack by MPL also allows you to earn money while getting entertained. So, therefore, put on your gears and jump onto your couch to get entertained by Ludo Attack!

Ludo Superstar

Ludo World ​is a multiplayer online platform available on iOS and Android phones and Android tabs, which implements its spin on this classic Pachisi.

Being one of the best Ludo games, it brings in some new levels of customization options that you can experiment with when playing against real people from around the globe or challenging your friends!

With a simple and classic look on its interface, this app has some promising features when it comes down to playing ludo well and beating their opponents at it.

The app has adopted a classic design concept where players can compete worldwide and defeat them to become King or Queen without fail!

Ludo Warriors 3D

One of the best new ludo apps to be created this year is Warriors 3D. This game uses 3D graphics and amazing sounds to make a more compelling gaming experience.

This game app brings your favorite childhood game to life. It transforms into a gladiator-themed mini 3D world where tokens are replaced with amazing pixel art graphics of characters and locations to signal maps and ships.

At the same time, additional effects such as animations and sounds give the virtual board a more realistic feel. The characters in it replace the usual tokens with various warriors, thus making the gameplay much more satisfying.

The main setting for this game is also different from other Ludo games as you’re put into an arena-like environment that hints at gladiator-like surroundings, which takes the whole thing to another level altogether.

With Spartans and Gladiators around you, this game will give you a great experience that you would have never witnessed. So get ready to become a mutant and fight your way out!

Ludo Club

Are you looking for an excellent way to get your family and friends to play together? Ludo Club is great for families to enjoy playing board games offline, sitting around a table.

You might not have known there are even games like this available on the iPhone! While playing Ludo, there is even a unique Dice Magic feature that lets you collect different colored dice and beat in-game goals.

The game’s object is to become King of Ludo by winning events or challenging other players with multiplayer games that one can play online or offline, so you don’t need WiFi to enjoy it.

Parchisi Star

Parchisi Star is a strategy board game based on the classic Ludo. While standard gameplay, different games based on the same idea and principle can lead to very different results.

Parchisi Star is simple in its gameplay, and anyone can understand just what it takes to play it but taking care of your stars has been known to be more challenging than it seems.

Ludo Classic

If you are looking for the best ludo Games, then Ludo Neo Classic is sure to be on that list. It claims to be the original version of the game played in Nepal centuries ago, long before its international popularity.

The app contains some classic versions of the game and an international edition that recognizes modern rules and regulations.

In addition, the app has all the variations of this classic game, including the commonly played internationally and at home with family members or friends.

Ludo Talent

Ludo Talent is also like other Ludo App games; you can send text messages to your opponents and suggestions. You can play in both offline and online mode.

Additionally, it’s important to note that there are weekly tasks and especially extra rewards for those who ensure they complete them!

Ludo Party

Ludo Party is a fun, easy-to-use digital version of the classic Ludo board game, enabling players across different continents to engage in rapid-fire strategy games.

One can play as many or as few computer players against each other, and there are options for challenging opponents even when you’re alone.

You can download this game for free and enjoy astonishing 3D animation and graphics which Ludo Party uses in its user interface.

You can even initiate three computer players and play all by yourself and choose from Auto Move if one player takes a long time to play. This is undoubtedly one of the top contenders for the best iOS Ludo games in 2020!


These are some of the best entertaining games that one should play this year and beyond. These games will kick boredom, reduce stress during your workdays, and help you relax during the weekend. Happy playing!

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