Top 6 Programming Languages ​​in the World

If you’ve heard around that the information technology area is saturated, it’s because many people are still misinformed.

Top 6 Programming Languages ​​in the World

Top 6 Programming Languages ​​in the World

It is true that there are many professionals, but most are not qualified enough for a large number of vacancies.

Therefore, you need to seek more and more qualifications. It is essential to be constantly updating and learning. After all, few areas evolve as quickly as information technology. Every month you will find new releases, changes and news about technologies.

Development professionals, especially, need to be aware of the most used and popular programming languages, not only in Brazil, but also in the world.

Thinking about it, we decided to make this text with a list of the 6 main programming languages ​​in the world, based on a GitHub survey. So stick around until the end and find out!

See below the top 6 programming languages ​​in the world

As we explained, the list below is based on a GitHub hosting platform survey conducted in the last quarter of 2021, which included trends for 2022.

Let’s put the languages ​​according to the ranking so that you have a more accurate view. Check out:

1. Java

The great highlight of Java lies in the permission it offers so that the developed programs are grouped in different devices in an easier way.

It is the most used programming language for creating apps on the Android operating system. Among its main advantages are: backwards compatibility, portability and scalability.

2. Python

One of the first programming languages ​​used by companies around the world, Python was created in 1989, but as the list itself shows, it is still one of the most popular languages.

Python’s first goal is to provide ABC-like syntax, but with access to Amoeba system calls. It is widely used for machine learning and web development.

Among its main advantages are: versatility, easy learning and open source language.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript has been around the world since the 90s. It is a very popular programming language because it has great interactivity and universality. It is also well used in artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

In its initial purpose, JavaScript allows scripts to interact with the user who do not have to pass through the server. In addition, it is also widely used for web development, smartphone apps and game creation.

Among its main advantages are: rapid development, asynchronous communication, simple language, multiplatform and universality.

4. TypeScript

TypeScript was created by Microsoft and is practically a mixture of JavaScript and the TypeScript type system. Using this programming language means faster feedback and simpler refactoring processes. In addition, it is possible to gradually adopt it in a code base.

Among its main advantages are: gradual language migration, practicality in refactoring, language autocomplete and better feedback on failures.

It is also interesting to mention that TypeScript, despite all the advantages, has a defect: the difficulty of learning.

5. Go

Go was created in free code by Google in 2009. The initial goal was to gather characteristics considered perfect for programming. In the end, this programming language makes it possible to create programs that are effective, reliable, and easy.

You already know some of the projects that use Go as a base. Netflix, Google, Uber and Twitch are just a few examples. No small feat, right?

Among its main advantages are: speed, efficient code compilation, high performance and simple learning.

6. C++

C++ was created in the 1980s and its primary objective is to add ease when writing complex systems codes to high performance, from the addition of functionalities to the C language.

Companies like EA, Adobe, Microsoft and even Google use it to improve their programs. Among its main advantages are: high-level performance, use in complex systems and versatility.

Have you studied or used any of the above programming languages? Which do you prefer? Be sure to check out and study the entire ranking to become increasingly qualified for the vacancies available in the job market.

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