Top Shooting Games To Try This Year

Video games are becoming more popular every day. They help get distracted from the daily routine and dive into a virtual world for a couple of hours.

Top Shooting Games to Try This Year
Top Shooting Games to Try This Year

Top Shooting Games to Try This Year

If you’re a real fan of shooters, scroll down below and explore the best desktop video games to play this year.

Battlefield V

The first game on the list is Battlefield V. It is the newest game of the Battlefield universe. The amazing graphic and well-thought-out stories will bring you on World War 2 front lines in different parts of the world.

Playing this game, you can fight on the Pacific Ocean, in the heart of Norwegian forests, or the middle of Europe. The gameplay will impress you with the diversity of weapons, equipment, and machines.

You can play as an infantryman, sniper, gunner, tank-man, or pilot. There is a single-player story mode available, or you can join an online fight with up to 64 players.

Borderlands 2

Do you want to play a lighting fast shooter that requires you to be tense? Download this video game on your PC and dive into the world of a hardly colonized planet. In your search for hidden treasures, you will meet a lot of enemies.

All the characters in this game look originally and have particular qualities and superpowers. There is also a large assortment of different weapons that you can use to fight with aliens.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Meet the updated version of the popular video game. Download the game and become a special forces troop and participate in secret operations all around the globe. Fight terrorism in different countries with the US armed forces.

The gameplay offers top-notch graphics, large maps, different military machinery, and equipment. Hundreds of bullets and dozens of explosives every minute is what you should expect launching this game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Choose the upgraded version of immortal classic, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Except for new weapons, maps, and better graphics, the core of the game remains unchanged.

Choose a team and fight for the bomb or hostages. Actually, there is one more update. The weapon race mode has been added. In this mode, your weapon changes after each kill. That one who gets the last weapon first becomes a winner.

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Battlefield I

This game won’t leave you untouched. It will bring you to World Word 1 time when European countries decide to redraw the world’s map. All the locations, characters, and weapons correspond to those times.

The unique gameplay will impress you with the atmosphere of the 20th century. You will get the opportunity to play on different battlefronts in France, Germany, Turkey, and Italy. Moreover, the gameplay will allow you to use any weapon, drive tanks, aircraft, and even horses.

Last Shot

If you’re a gamer with vast experience, it will be hard to impress you with the games from the list above. I bet you will enjoy the SUPERHOT. This shooter is 100% different from the other games. It brings you into the world where you need to kill all the enemies.

However, everyone in this game is made of glass. There are no health points or limitless ammo. You have to make only one hit to kill an enemy. Also, there is no chance to miss even one shot and stay alive.

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