Top Trends in Game Development 2021

The coronavirus pandemic and widespread quarantine revealed an obvious problem: humanity was not ready to ensure the smooth functioning of either the sports or entertainment industry – everything very quickly stopped indefinitely.

Top Trends in Game Development
Top Trends in Game Development

Top Trends in Game Development 2021

And only the gaming industry (including esports) continues to feel relatively comfortable, which once again proved that virtual reality is the future.

Impact of COVID-19 on Media and Gaming Trends

We can safely say that the gaming industry, whether it be esports, game development industry or new consoles, feels confident in the face of a pandemic and global panic.

It is in the conditions of total domesticity that she receives additional views of broadcasts, donations and product sales. The coronavirus only once again emphasized that virtual reality is increasingly replacing the real one, also due to its safety.

Incremental Console Upgrades

This is a minor trend in game design, but it’s not unheard of. The seven-year console cycle looks to be over. Xbox and Sony both unveiled new Xbox and PS4 models.

The Xbox One S, which will have minor hardware enhancements and a sleeker design, and the Xbox Scorpio, which will have significant hardware upgrades, were both revealed by Xbox.

The PS4 Neo from Sony is similarly energised. With the rate at which phone and computer technology evolves each year, it was only a matter of time until video games followed suit.

Top Trends in Game Development
Top Trends in Game Development

Virtual Reality

Taking it a step further, we can now talk about virtual reality instead of augmented reality. Virtual reality made a strong comeback this year.

The Oculus Rift and the game’s Steam development appear to be particularly promising. The headset’s own version for the PS4 might be much more accessible.

Despite the fact that they haven’t announced a pricing for their technology, millions of consumers own a PS4. Then there’s Gear, which allows you to play virtual reality games like Minecraft.

It will be fascinating to observe how social factors are included. Seeing your friends’ avatars from all around the world in the same room via virtual reality? That’s a really exciting proposition.


Call of Duty is an example of a popular cyber sports game trends among bookies. The game’s publisher, Activision, stepped in and launched the Call of Duty Championship League, demonstrating how major, established companies are leveraging internet technologies.

While they may not be actively pushing sports betting, the fact that they are now so heavily invested in eSports says something about what to anticipate in the coming year.

People’s interest in sports betting has grown as a result of their inability to witness live sporting events. Gamblers have the chance to place bets and enjoy the full spectrum of thrills while watching their favorite teams play online.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition will also impact the game business in 2021, which you might find intriguing. Face recognition has hitherto only been utilized in security-related applications.

The tendency is shifting, and it is now being implemented in mobile games. People are more enthusiastic about a game if they see players that look like them.

Face recognition is accomplished through the use of 3D technologies. Face recognition is utilized in a variety of sectors, so it’s not surprising that you’d apply it in game creation.

Casino developing

The expansion of the gambling business was aided by the increase of industry loyalty and the legalization of internet casinos. Simultaneously, the iGaming industry is combining with the preceding trend: nearly every online casino, thanks to casino software developers, now has a mobile app or supports mobile gaming via mobile browsers.

It’s also fascinating to watch the evolution of slot machines. If they were previously considered single-player games, with the introduction of multiplayer features, many people may play at the same time, forming teams and observing each other’s play. Players will gather considerably more frequently in 2021 to spin the reels and try their luck.


People now demand more from games as a result of recent technological advancements. Mobile games have become more immersive and realistic as a result of recent advances in mobile development.

You’ll need to employ a professional game development team to make your game a market success. A competent staff will ensure that gamers have a nice time while playing the game.

Finding a dependable professional team is undoubtedly difficult; you must conduct considerable study before making any decisions.

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