Easy Ways to Top Up PES 2021 Mobile Game

For you fans of PES 2021 Mobile, having a favorite player is certainly a dream. Well, this time we will provide a way to Top Up PES 2021 Mobile so you can collect your favorite players.

For those of you who like to playeFootball PES 2021 Mobile, of course you want abundant assets. The reason is, to get the player you want, of course, you have to play it using Coin or GP.

Easy Ways to Top Up PES 2021 Mobile Game
Easy Ways to Top Up PES 2021 Mobile Game

However, getting coins on PES mobile is now quite difficult. Because events with coin prizes rarely appear. It’s different in the previous PES era where there were often events with free coins as prizes.

A little information, each star player in this game has a value of 100 myClub coins. To have a lot of coinsKONAMI provides the SHOP feature in the PES 2021 Mobile game. In this feature, there is a choice of coin packages with prices starting from 15 thousand rupiah.

Well, for those of you who are curious about how to top up this mobile soccer game. Incidentally, Dafunda Game has summarized several ways for you. For those of you who are curious, here’show to top up PES 2021 Mobile easily!

How to Top Up PES 2021 Mobile Easily

Are you looking for a way toTop Up the PES 2021 Mobile Game? Make sure you follow each step that we have summarized below.

1. Unlock PES 2021 Mobile

The first step you have to do, of course, is to open the PES 2021 Mobile game.

2. Choose Cart Logo

After opening the game, go to the menu with the basket logo on the top right.

3. Choose MyClub Coin

The next step is to select the menu that shows MyClub coins.

4. Choose Nominal Top Up

After selecting the MyClub coin, then choose the nominal Top up Coin you want. The amount you choose will affect the price.

5. Payment method

Next, the payment method or nominal amount that you have to pay (pulse) will appear based on the number of coins you choose.

6. Done

After doing the steps above, wait a moment and the coins that you top up will immediately enter.

PES 2021 Mobile Coin Package Price

As we know in the PES 2021 Mobile game, there are several package options that you can have. The following are the details of the package and the prices offered:

  • 100 Coins : 15,000
  • 300 + 10 Coins : 45,000
  • 1000 + 50 Coins : 149.000
  • 2000 + 150 Coins : 299,000
  • 3000 + 300 Coins : 439,000
  • 5000 + 800 Coins : 739,000
  • 10,000 + 2000 Coins : 1,499,000

As we know where the cheapest price for PES 2021 mobile top up is 15,000 rupiah. You can pay these fees by cutting Telkomsel credit. As for the top up price that reaches hundreds or even millions of rupiah, you can pay via credit card bills.

That’s the easiestPES 2021 Mobile Top Upprocedure that we’ve managed to summarize. The easiest way to top up is to use prepaid credit.This method of Top Up Gameis also widely used by most PES 2021 Mobile users.

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