Torrent Search Engines | Where to Download Torrents for Free

For many now the word Torrent is synonymous with download. Known and exploited for some time, Torrent search engines allow you to download almost any type of file you want.

From audio files to video files, from games to applications, from videos to movies, there are no limits (or almost) for this kind of download. Torrents are extensions ofBitTorrent files, i.e. peer-to-peer ( P2P ) protocols that allow the distribution and sharing of files on the web.

Torrent Search Engines | Where to Download Torrents for Free
Torrent Search Engines | Where to Download Torrents for Free

In practice, they were created so that users could share their files with everyone else. In fact, anyone can create and publish a Torrent which have spread at the same time as broadband (ADSL).

To explain in simple terms what torrents are, just say that they are small files that are opened with special programs. These programs allow you to download shared files directly to your device.

These are binary files, which contain all the information necessary for the reference file to be downloaded and shared. The encoding used is called Bencode.

Torrent Search Engines | Where to Download Torrents for Free


It is one of the bestTorrent search engines still available today. It is a rich and varied engine, which has a database with over 2000 trackers. The Home is divided into categories from which you can choose the files you want to download.

Otherwise, you can do a search directly from the search bar at the top left, or select one of the many categories from the icons to the right of the search bar.

Among these, we remember, for example: movies, TV, games, apps, books, anime and more. The files are proposed to the user on the basis of the greatest interest received.

Found what you want to download to start the download just click on the file name and immediately after on “Torrent File”.

Zooqel provides the magnet link, this means that the download is possible directly from the search engine without this being supported and addressed to external sites. Registration is required to access and download. The languages ​​available, for now, are only English and Polish.

Torrents.I has a better interface and graphics than the previous torrent search engine ( The pages in fact have a structure very similar to that of Google and the searched results can be viewed in different pages.

Once the search has been carried out, the results also display some of the names of the most famous torrents available from which to download the desired files. You can then choose your favorite torrents to tap into to grab the files.

To do this you need to click on “ setting ” and select, from the long list of engines that will appear, the torrents to be excluded from your list from which you intend to draw to get the file.


The strength of this Torrent lies in the aggregation. This means that it is a Torrent search engine that contains within it 62 other Torrent search engines.

62 engines open all on the same page. In some cases, however, it may happen that the list is not displayed. In this case, to have the Magnet link generated just copy the hash of the file and start the download.

To obtain the magnet link, you can use the service offered by the site. the service is free and the link magnet is returned in a few seconds. Torrentz2 is an alternative to Torrentz with working magnetic links.

Directly opens magnet links from It is a fast, simple and powerful search engine to download new movies, games and many other recent files for free.

For Torrentz2 to work you need to have an application that supports torrents, such as bittorrent, utorrent or Flud. Sometimes due to heavy traffic, the server becomes slow to handle all requests at the same time. Therefore, it may take up to 30 seconds to get the results.


TorrentSeeker is a powerful torrent search engine that combines the results of dozens of torrent sites. Special, compared to the others, is the refresh rate.

The torrent site indices are updated very frequently with the most popular torrent indices, the latest torrent proxy sites and also with the small torrents of specific sites by language or niche interest.

On the other hand, the graphics are not particularly accurate, indeed not at all. The engine is completely free and searches are performed on over 100 torrent sites of the best in the market (such as Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, YTS, EZTV, Kickass Torrents and unblocked torrent proxy sites). On this search engine you can find a large variety of files: music albums, games, applications, films, etc …


In this case the graphics improve a bit, at least compared to Torrentseeker. It is one of those torrent search engines defined as “pure”, which means that, to download files, the engine does not refer to more than a single database. is the largest bit torrent search engine in the world which scans every bit torrent tracker.

The engine is divided into categories: anime, software, games, adult section, movies, music, etc… The categories can be viewed on the left of the screen and in the center of it by scrolling down. It also has a search bar located at the top left.


This is also a very used and reliable engine. It’s super easy to use even compared to other torrents. Unfortunately in many countries it is blacked out (but not in ours! – at least for now). Its speed is equal to 2.7 Mb per second.

Another great advantage is that this engine provides even dated databases. This means that you can also find older and less and less available content elsewhere. There are also several sections for adults.


With rather simplistic and careless graphics, it is still a pretty good torrent search engine. In the environment, it is also known as ” “.

Over the years it has given users many problems because it is very often slow and unstable. For this reason, many people prefer its improved version of Torrentz2, reviewed above.

For years this colossus among torrents has been the resource most used by users in various countries. Then, with the passage of time, various management and download problems and more, led to a progressive abandonment.

Furthermore, in many countries it is obscured and blocked by the authorities. Today it is still quite fast in downloads and allows you to find several files of different nature.

Torrent Project

This is a very popular search engine for users. It is clean, fast and accurate. Search for torrents in over 300 torrent sites giving you multiple results. Therefore, each search corresponds to different results, organized by number of sources.

This means that when you select a file at the top of the ranking, it means that it has been able to reach the top positions thanks to the greatest number of sources available. Translated means more sources, faster download speeds.

When the file to download is small, the number of sources from which to draw matters little or nothing, but when it comes to large files, the story really changes. It is in these cases that this search engine makes the difference with all the others.

Search Torrent Files: Which Programs to Use

The search for Torrents never ends, especially if they turn out to be really good. To aid intent you can leverage the function and potential of these programs:

  1. µTorrent
  2. qBittorrent
  3. Bit-Che
  4. Deluge
  5. Vuze

Torrent search engines blocked: how to do it

Unfortunately very often torrent search engines are blocked and/or obscured by the authorities of the various countries. To avoid losing a torrent and not being able to view it anymore, you can:

  • change the DNS
  • use a VPN

Change the DNS

Changing DNS means improving browsing and making it faster and safer. By changing this setting you can view Torrent search engines that are blocked, blacked out or temporarily out of service.

Use a VPN

VNP is the acronym for Virtual Private Network which translated means: “virtual private network”. In other words, it is a private, non-public browsing network, accessed only by participating members and no one else. Using the VPN means accessing when and where it is not possible and above all remaining anonymous.

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