How To Easily Track Friend Smartphones On Android Without Root

Easy Ways to Track friend Smartphones on Android Without Root – Making communication with family or friend even easier thanks to smartphones.

How to Easily Track Friend Smartphones on Android Without Root

Especially now that there are already many of the best cheap Android smartphones that can be made as choices and make us able to connect with loved ones easily.

Placing the fear of loss and suspicion with a boyfriend or family is common. For that so you can still find out the location of your girlfriend, you have a way to track your friend’s smartphone with Android without the need for a root process.

Who would want to lose a boyfriend or even family? By using this Android device manager default application you can find out the location of a smartphone that was stolen or lost easily, but the weakness of this application cannot track people carelessly.

Intrigued by how to use this smartphone tracking application? Check out the methods below.

Track Friend Smartphones on Android Without Root

The first step is to download and install the APK Tracker.

Once installed, you will see a simple and clean display of the Tracker application .

Then press Track Me to find the special code that you can use to track the location. To track the location of your girlfriend or family, please install Tracker on their smartphone and look at the Tracker code and then pair it on your smartphone.

After that, press Add Device to enter the name (free) and the Tracker code you got earlier.

Furthermore, after successfully paired with your smartphone, you can hide the Tracker application on the smartphone of your friend or family.

Now you can find out your girlfriend’s location in real time via a smartphone and that way you will know if she is lying.

Don’t be afraid of this application not running because the Tracker will automatically activate once it has finished rebooting and will continue to run in the background and you can add many smartphone devices to track.

Thus a review of an easy way to track smartphone owned by your friend or family on Android that does not require a rooting process.

Hopefully the above review can help you who want to track the whereabouts of your boyfriend’s smartphone so you can use the application above.

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