How to Transfer GoG Games to Another PC

GOG Galaxy is an application developed by Good Old Games, a subsidiary of the well-known Polish video game developer CD Projekt Red to buy and manage games on computers available on both Windows and Mac OS and Linux.

How to Transfer GoG Games to Another PC

How to Transfer GoG Games to Another PC

There are many other platforms to play on the computer such as Epic Games or Steam, each one offering different features, although GOG Galaxy has been gaining relevance thanks to great releases such as Cyberpunk 2077 or the remake of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and also thanks to the fact that from time to time they give away games through Prime Gaming.

As it may seem logical, in GOG Galaxy we will find the entire catalog of CD Projekt Red games, although other developers have been joining in and also offer the option of downloading some of their games, with a total of almost 8,000 games available to buy on the time of writing this guide.

In addition, the program has many interesting features such as being able to customize how each game in the library looks or being able to import already installed games or transfer them from another computer in a very simple and fast way.

In order to avoid having to download all the game content again, which is very useful for large games or if we have a slow internet connection. How to do all this step by step in the next section of the guide.

How to import a game in GOG Galaxy step by step

If we want to import a game into GOG that we have installed on our computer, on a hard drive or that we have copied from another system, we can follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open GOG Galaxy. We will have to log in with a GOG account or with one of the alternative ways if it is the first time we do it.
  2. Go to the Games section. Which we can do using the side menu. Any of the pages in the games section will be valid for this step, be it the one for Purchased Games or the one for Installed.
  3. Select the option to search the GOG games folders. When pressing the previous button, several options will appear, among which we will select “Search in the GOG games folders”.
  4. Click on the “+” button. Located at the top of the screen just between the filter button and the Search field.
  5. Select the folder in which we have the GOG games. Now a window will open in which we must click on “Select Folder” and then another Windows file explorer window will open for us to select the folder where the game or games we want to add are located.

There is another option to add the downloaded games if any of them do not work with the previous method, which consists of selecting the game we want to add in our library, and they’re clicking on the options icon, then on manage installation and finally on import folder to select there the folder where we have installed the game.

This method is more tedious since it only allows you to import one game at a time and it only works for the game that we have selected, but it can be useful in case the previous one has problems or does not catch all the games.

GOG Galaxy also allows you to import games from other platforms such as Epic Games, Steam or Origin, which has now become an EA App by connecting the accounts with GOG Galaxy in order to use them and have them all together on this platform as we explained in this guide.

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