Tuning String Instruments | Download Best Apps to Use

Applications for smartphones and tablets have undoubtedly replaced many external tools and devices that obviously could not be done without before.

One of these is for example the string instrument tuner, which can actually find an excellent response simply by using the microphones installed on the mobile device.

Tuning String Instruments | Best Apps to Use
Tuning String Instruments | Best Apps to Use

Tuning String Instruments | Best Apps to Use

However, there are many apps that can do this and today we are going to list the best ones for tuning string instruments.

Guitar Tuna Tuner Tuner

Let’s start with what is certainly the best-known software in this field. In fact, Guitar Tuna offers support for many different stringed instruments and manages to distinguish them perfectly from each other.

Its interface is very simple and allows virtually anyone to understand when a specific string needs to be fixed or can be used without problems. This application is available for free for both Android and iOS.

BOSS Tuner

BOSS Tuner, also available in this case for Android and iOS, is instead a professional tool made available by one of the best-known brands in the pedal field.

In this case, we find an app with an interface that is certainly less modern and minimal, but with a design that musicians will find much more familiar.

Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner

We still continue with a name known to musicians. Fender Tune offers a free application for Android and iOS that is very complete from every point of view and above all with a modern and simple to use design.

Moreover, for the more experienced, there is the possibility of making purchases in the app to unlock full access to four different types of tuning.

Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar Tuner is the app version for Android and iOS of the well – known online service known by the same name. Definitely more practical than a website and with an interface practically identical to the web one.

Definitely to download in case you are already heavily using the platform and want to carry it in your pocket for a more comfortable and quick access.

N-Track tuner

Among the software with the most captivating aspect, we certainly find n-Track, which in addition to having a modern design, allows the free use of three different integrated tools (possibly increasing the number through in app purchases): spectrum analyzer, tuning fork and hand tuner. Available for both Android and iOS.

Tuner and metronome

An application for Android and iOS designed mainly for those who do not pay much attention to the aesthetic aspect, but only think about tuning their instrument, or practicing with pre-loaded spectra.

In fact, as already anticipated by the name, the software offers, in addition to the classic tuner, also a practical metronome.

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