How to Turn Off Camera Sound On IPhone

Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone: It is undeniable that the iPhone is still a much-loved smartphone. One reason why many choose iPhone is because of the camera.

How to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone

When discussing the iPhone camera, it is possible for iPhone users to understand the sound that is emitted when taking pictures with the iPhone.

This is the one complained by iPhone users because of the absence of muting the iPhone camera sound.

Unlike Android, which has settings directly in the camera application. However, this time we will provide the easiest way to turn off the iPhone’s camera sound.

Easy Ways to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone

  • You must first activate AssistiveTouch, by entering the General settings => Accessibility => AssistiveTouch.
  • Activate the AssistiveTouch feature until it is green. and appears on the side of the screen.
  • Then select the Customize Top Level Menu menu, select the + button to add a new menu in AssistiveTouch.
  • Add the Mute command from the existing list collection.
  • You now just need to press the Mute menu on the AssistiveTouch feature to turn off the iPhone camera sound.

Besides using AssistiveTouch there is also the easiest way to turn off the iPhone’s camera sound, namely by using the silent-ring button located on the left side of the iPhone above the volume button. Then automatically all the tones on the iPhone will be muted, including the camera sound.

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