How to Use Audio Equalizer on IPhone And IPad

On iOS there is a section dedicated to the customization of audio equalization on iPhone: between bass amplification and concentration on speech, here’s how to adjust it according to your needs.

How To Use Audio Equalizer on iPhone and iPad
How To Use Audio Equalizer on iPhone and iPad

No need to install dedicated apps to adjust equalization on iPhone and iPad. IMore reminds us with an article that points to the function integrated into the system already from different iOS versions.

How To Use Audio Equalizer on iPhone and iPad

The equalizer can be found in the Settings in the Music panel. Here, indicated by the abbreviation EQ, there is the aforementioned section where it will be possible to adjust the audio equalization according to your preferences while listening to a specific song, an album or a playlist.

Among the various predefined settings that are well suited to the main musical genres, the more neutral equalizations stand out, which instead aim to give greater emphasis to a specific sound spectrum.

The modalities of amplification of highs and lows are important, as well as the card dedicated to speech for Podcasts and audiobooks, but also on the contrary the equalization that reduces high or low, removing the thrust of some tracks excessively loaded at the same frequencies, especially if medium-high end headphones are used where it is possible to better appreciate these variations (even if, from our tests, the system also performs well with the classic Apple EarPods).

Unfortunately there is no possibility to manually adjust the various frequencies, thus leaving room for third-party apps ( here an example ) for those who want more control in this regard.

Furthermore the section cannot be reached directly from the Music application, so it will be necessary to remember the position of the equalizer in the iOS Settings.

Fortunately, starting from iOS 7 and even better from iOS 10, it is possible to access the panel dedicated to the management of music reproduction directly from the Control Center : thus, a slide from the bottom to the top will be enough to recall your own music while playing. equalization adjustments at your fingertips in the background.

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