How To Turn Off Comments on WeTV 2021

How to turn off comments on WeTV via HP and PC is the easiest thing. Users of the WeTV movie streaming platform can get rid of comments that interfere with their viewing activities very easily. So how do you do it? For more details, see the following article.

How To Turn Off Comments on WeTV
How To Turn Off Comments on WeTV

How To Turn Off Comments on WeTV

The WeTV app is first present in Thailand and gets most of its resources fromTencent Video. Through the WeTV platform, users can watch various film content from Korea, America to China. In Indonesia, people are currently having a fever with Korean dramas.

People have also started turning to WeTV. Therefore, it is only natural that this one moviestreaming application can start to be favored by many people. Not only drakor, but WeTV also provides various interesting movie titles that are must-watch.

However, considering WeTV is a moviestreaming platform, so many people watch it simultaneously. This brings up a comment on the part of the video screen. As a result, when watching a favorite movie, it will be disturbed because it is blocked by the comments that appear.

What is WeTV?

However, before you disable the comment feature. For those who don’t know about the WeTV application, the following Gadgetized will give a little review regarding what is the WeTV streaming platform?

WeTV is a filmstreamingplatform from various countries. Like Netflix or Iflix, WeTV is now Asia’s premium entertainment content even from outside Asia.

Not only presenting the most popular Asian dramas or films but also presenting reality showswhere the audience can directly vote or comment through the application.

Because every film that is played is shownlive streaming, this allows the comment dialog to appear on both the HP and PC screens. To be more comfortable, you can deactivate it in the following ways.

How to Turn Off Comments on WeTV via cellphone

If you are using an Android device to access WeTV, then you can turn off comments directly from your phone. How to turn off comments on WeTV via cellphone can be done easily, you can disable it if you really want in the following way.

1. Open the WeTV App

The first step, please open the WeTV application on an Android or iPhone cellphone. If you don’t have the application, then download the WeTV application first. Then, please log in using Facebook, Line or your cellphone number.

2. Watch Videos or Movies

After successfully entering the main page, please find the drama or film you want to watch. Later, there will be many comments that appear at the top of the video.

3. Click the Comment Icon

To remove comments on the movie that is currently being watched. Please press the ”Comments” icon next to the QC icon.

4. Disable Comments

After that, to deactivate the comment feature, slide the “Comments ” icon, if the icon color will change to white, initially orange, it means that comments have been turned off.

5. Comment Deactivated Successfully

So after that, the comments will no longer appear on the WeTV application screen, so you can watch movies more satisfactorily.

Those are some ways to get rid of comments on WeTV via HP. To activate comments, please slide the comment icon back until it turns orange again.

How to Disable Comments on WeTV PC

Apart from using an HP device, disabling WeTV comments can also be done using a PC (desktop version). For how to disable comments, it is somewhat simpler than the method above. As for how, you can see through the guide below.

1. Go to the WeTV Site

To hide WeTV comments via the PC or desktop version, the first thing to do is visit the official

2. Watch Videos on WeTV

The next step, please find and watch your favorite shows. You can use the search field to find the video you want to watch.

3. Click the Comment Icon

Then a lot of comments will appear on the video screen. So, to hide these comments, please press the ”Comment” button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Comment Deactivated Successfully

If the comment button was orange and turned white, then that is a sign that the comment has been successfully deactivated.

How to Enable Comments on WeTV

After successfully disabling WeTV comments, but if you change your mind and want to activate or re-enable WeTV comments, then it’s really easy to do. You can activate WeTV’s comments feature in the same way as above, either via cellphone or PC.

When watching WeTV videos on HP and PC, please click the “Comments” icon which was previously white (inactive) until it returns to orange (active). So after that the comments will automatically appear on the video screen.


Those are some ways to disable WeTV comments on HP and PC that can present. Basically hiding comments while watching videos can be overcome withWeTV Offline Watch. By watching offline, comments will not appear while watching.

However, this method can only be done if you haveDOWNLOADED FILM IN WETV. So if you really want to watch videos that have not been downloaded or are indeed the latest shows, then hiding comments can be done in ways like in the article above.

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