How to Turn off Facebook Marketplace Notifications

The Facebook Marketplace can be likened to an “online marketplace”. Where we as users are free to offer products or services, or search and buy products and services offered by other users.

How to Turn off Facebook Marketplace Notifications
How to Turn off Facebook Marketplace Notifications

How to Turn off Facebook Marketplace Notifications

The more interactions you have on the marketplace, it will usually cause an increase in the number of notifications from the marketplace, notifications related to messages, offers, or product recommendations.

Now for those who need it, usually this notification is very helpful. But if we don’t need it anymore, for example because we already got the goods from online shopping at Shopee or Toped, notifications from the Facebook marketplace will be annoying.

This notification can be turned off quite easily actually, but the setting is a bit “hidden”, so many users don’t know.

Immediately, we discuss the steps

1. Tap the “three lines” icon in the top right corner.

2. Select the “Marketplace” menu.

3. On Marketplace. tap the “people” icon next to the search icon.

4. Here will appear many menu options, scroll down and tap “Settings”.

5. Select “Manage notifications”.

6. Here there are several notification settings options. There are “Buy” and “Sell” notification settings. For the “Buy” it is related to notifications if you are a buyer, and “Sell” if you are a seller. You can choose to disable all of them if you want, or only those related to you. Select one of the notification settings. For example, here you select the “Order from Seller” menu.

7. Here you can disable messages from the seller by disabling the blue navigation button.

8. After that, go back to the previous page, select the “update” menu, turn off all the blue buttons. Back to this page, select the “saved” menu, turn off all the blue buttons, and so on.

9. Done.

If we want all notifications to turn off, we certainly don’t need to read every setting on this “Manage notifications” page. But if we only need “some” that are dead, then we need to take some time and read each available setting one by one.

For example for the notification setting “Recommended for you”, there are many advanced settings. Some may be important enough to you that you don’t need to turn them all off.

If you’ve already turned off all notifications, you can easily return to the marketplace “manage notifications” page, and activate the blue button in the settings you need.

Maybe until here first the discussion related to disabling notifications on the Facebook marketplace. Good luck trying the method above and hopefully useful.

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