How To Turn Off Notifications Of Live Instagram Videos

Turn off Notifications of Live Instagram Videos: Instagram has incorporated the possibility of broadcasting live videos on Instagram Stories, which has caused its users to receive a large number of notifications.

How to Turn off Notifications of Live Instagram Videos
How to Turn off Notifications of Live Instagram Videos

Not a single day has passed since Instagram incorporated the possibility of broadcasting live videos on Instagram Storiesand thousands of users have already complained about the large number of notifications they are receiving as a result of this new feature.

Every time a person relays a video, Instagram releases a notification to users who follow that personto notify them that they are broadcasting live,just like Facebook does to warn about Facebook Live videos.

Being a novelty, many have been users who have opted for this type of retransmission during the first day, which has causedInstagram to have sent a large number of notifications to its users.

How to Turn off Notifications of Live Instagram Videos

Tired of receiving so many notifications? Quiet, your problem has a solution. Instagram allows you to turn off notifications of live video broadcasts.

To do this you will have toaccessthe applicationoptionsfrom your Instagram profile. Next you will have to click on the ‘Insert notifications‘ option , found in the ‘Settings‘ section.

In this tab you can activate and deactivate the notifications of each of the Instagram services. From the notifications of the new ‘Likes’ and the comments to thealerts of the streaming of live videos, which appear as the last option at the bottom of the page.

How to stream live videos

Streaming live videos on Instagram Stories is very easy to use. To make your first live video,you just have to open the application, access the camera and select ‘Start live video’.

From then on you will have the opportunity to tell everything you need to your users, whowill be able to comment on your video and give ‘Like’, in the style of Facebook Live.

After finishing the video, the story will disappear from the application, so it will not remain active for 24 hours on Instagram Stories, as it happens with photographs or videos.

With this new tool,Instagram will try to deal with Periscope, one of the main tools for broadcasting live videos, and Facebook Live, his older brother.

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