TV Box vs. TV Stick | What to Choose?

Android TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick, Xiaomi Mi Tv Stick, are all terms to indicate products created to be able to watch TV in Streaming in an increasingly easier and cheaper way.

TV Box vs. TV Stick | What to Choose?
TV Box vs. TV Stick | What to Choose?

TV Box vs. TV Stick. What to Choose?

Recently, there is more and more talk aboutAndroid TV set-top boxesand their capabilities. Literally, over the past year, companies have released dozens of dozen original TV set-top boxes with a wide variety of features starting from cheap products to fairly expensive devices that support a wide range of multimedia features.

Against the background of general enthusiasm, another subtype of devices arose, which have more compact dimensions but are not inferior in their properties to the promoted set-top boxes – Fire Stick TVs.

These devices may seem liketrivial USB sticks, but in reality they hide a real processor inside with an operating system that is usually Android

Currently, one of the most popular at the moment, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, may look like a normal USB stick.

But don’t let the first impression fool you, because this little unit is like a real mid-budgetTV set-top box and without compromising on options and features.

Hence the question. Which one to choose? A classic and already reliableAndroid TV BOXor rely on a small but very interestingTv Stick?

The answer to this question is ambiguous and depends only on what you intend to do with it. So, for example, for the owner of a modern Smart TV who wants to increase its performance optimally.

Under high load conditions and heavy Android games, the traditional version with a high-quality TV box is more suitable, or the possibility of install programs such as Veezie which allows you to watch hundreds of ad-free streaming movies.

However, the magic of modern technology still has a limited resource and it is much easier to fit full-fledged high-performance hardware into a larger case, not to mention the cooling system, which is completely absent in the sticks.

As forTV sticks, this option will be a great solution for older TVs or projectors, without Android operating system support. Also, thanks to the modest size of the TV sticks, they are easy enough to connect to any device without taking up additional space.

After all, most modern TV sticks support the possibility of powering via USB cable. In other words, you plug the stick into a connector on your TV and feed it from the adjacent USB connector.

Completely hiding the entire structure, for example, behind the screen, away from prying eyes. Thus, the TV Stick easily transforms your old TV into a modern Smart TV.

From the above operating options, it follows that the choice in favor of a particular device depends entirely on the conditions of use. And it cannot be said with absolute certainty that aset-top boxis better than aTV stickor vice versa. What you choose?

Which TV Boxes are Netflix Certified?

There are very fewTV Boxes certified for Netflix, that is, they have the ability to play the contents transmitted by Netflix which are usually in high resolution such asHDand4K.

There are two models that are indicated as fully compatible with Netflix and that see greater use for this purpose, and they are NVIDIA Shield TVand Xiaomi Mi BoxS.

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