How To Use Siri To Control Apple TV

Use Siri to Control Apple TV: Siri has always been one of the best features forApple TV. On a 4th generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K, the voice assistant can quickly launch videos, tune into live TV channels, and provide search results for specific genres.

How to Use Siri to Control Apple TV
How to Use Siri to Control Apple TV

How to Use Siri to Control Apple TV

But until recently, Apple didn’t offer a method to use Siri on an Apple TV, similar to Amazon with Fire TV and Alexa, or like Google with Chromecast, Android TV and Google Assistant. If you want to control Apple TV, you need to use the remote.

This changed withiOS 12.2, which allows you to use Siri voice commands via iPhone or iPad. Once everything is set up, we can simply say “Hey Siri, tune in NOW TV via Apple TV” or “Hey Siri, watch Game of Thrones Season 4”. Here is a complete guide to using Siri voice commands on Apple TV:

Activate “Hey Siri” in iOS

By enabling Siri on your iPhone or iPad, we can start watching programs on Apple TV with simple voice commands, even if the device is locked.

  • To configure it, go to Settings on the iOS device.
  • Select “Siri and Search” , then turn on “Listen for” Hey Siri. “
  • You will need to read several example commands to teach Siri your voice. Once this is done, make sure “Allow Siri when blocked” is enabled.
  • Repeat this step for any other iPhone or iPad you want to use with Apple TV.

Sign in to iCloud on iOS and Apple TV

  • On the iPhone or iPad, we go to Settings and look for the “Signin” option at the top of the screen, then log into our iCloud account.
  • You’ll also need tolog into the same iCloud account on Apple TV.
  • Go to Settings> Accounts> iCloud, then select “Sign in”. (We’ll see how to enable Apple TV voice commands for other users with separate iCloud accounts shortly.)
  • To receive commands from an iOS device, Apple TV must haveAirPlay enabled.
  • On Apple TV, go to Settings> AirPlay and make sure it says “On”.
  • So, let’s scroll down and select “Room” from the same menu.
  • The message “Start using AirPlay 2” will now appear on the TV.
  • As indicated, unlock your iOS device, turn on Bluetooth and hold it close to the Apple TV.
  • Then press “Connect” when prompted by the iOS device to complete the pairing.

If this prompt doesn’t appear, try locking and unlocking the device again. Finally, select the room where the Apple TV is located. Later, you can refer to this room as a name in voice commands.

Install compatible apps

Currently, more than 80 Apple TV apps support universal search with Siri, and most of them can start videos directly in response to voice commands. Make sure the app you want to use appears in the Apple TV search assistance list and that you are already signed into the app.

If you are a PlayStation Now, Netflix or Now TV subscriber, you can use voice commands to watch any live channel included in those services.

If a compatible video app is installed on your iPhone or iPad, but not on Apple TV, the video will instead start using Apple’s AirPlay protocol.

This, however, requires unlocking the iOS device and precludes the user from using other apps at the same time.


WithHDMI-CECenabled on both Apple TV and TV, Siri will be able to turn on the TV before playing a video.

  • On Apple TV, go to Settings> Remotes and Devices and make sure “TV Control and Receivers” is set to “On”.
  • Then, in the TV settings, look for the “CEC” option and enable it. As Apple points out, the exact name of this option may differ for some TVs.

Optional: Invite others to use voice commands

If you have other family members in the house with separate iCloud accounts, you can invite them to control Apple TV from their iPhones or iPads.

  • Open the Home app on the iOS device.
  • Press the Home icon in the upper left corner, then select “Invite…” in the People section.
  • Finally, enter the email address associated with the iCloud account of whoever you want to invite.

The other person will then receive an invitation message on their iOS device. Once accepted, they will be able to control Apple TV with their iPhones and iPads. Thus, you can use Siri to control Apple TV.

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