How To Unlock IPhone: Best Guide For All Models

If you want to know how to unlock your iPhone, or you need to restore a disabled iPhone, follow this guide with a few simple steps.

How to Unlock iPhone: Best Guide for All ModelsHow to Unlock iPhone: Best Guide for All Models
How to Unlock iPhone: Best Guide for All Models

Unlocking iPhone is a procedure that can solve many problems. Sudden freezes can be caused by some apps that require too much RAM, which can happen on older Apple smartphones, or you may have made a mistake typing or forgetting the iPhone unlock code.

In both cases you need to know how to  unlock iPhone , and the procedure is different depending on the model of your device.

Some models, in fact, require combinations of different keys to start the unlocking procedure, such as the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 7 , which differ in the mechanics of the Home button, on the one hand physical and on the other simulated.

In this guide we will see how to unlock iPhone with methods that apply to the various models , and then we will focus on how to unlock iPhone without code , a slightly different and longer procedure but which will still give you back your working new apple.

How to unlock locked iPhone

There are two cases that can arise that make your iPhone locked or disabled. The first case is that of excessive use of memory by the device. This happens because the applications, being software, are always updated and made available by the manufacturers.

The problem is that the hardware of the device remains behind in time, and therefore the use of resources by the applications could be excessive, returning a locked iPhone. The screen will no longer respond to the inputs of the touches you exercise, and this makes it impossible to use the device.

In this case it is necessary to perform a forced restart of the locked iPhone to restore it. The procedure, described later depending on the model, will not cause you to lose your device data because it is not a reset of the device.

The second case is that relating to the lock screen code. In case you enter an incorrect code for too many consecutive times, your iPhone will be disabled. To recover it you need to put the device in recovery mode and recover it through iTunes.

This procedure, not at all long and complex, is the only one that can solve the problem of a disabled iPhone , and is the same used to restore the iPhone. In this case, our advice, which we will reiterate later, is to make an iPhone backup very frequently so as to always have a copy of the smartphone data saved.

Now we will see how to unlock the iPhone, examining the various procedures that apply to the different models produced by Apple, due to the hardware differences of the smartphones.

How to unlock iPhone 8 and later models

Due to the differences between the various devices, starting from iPhone 8 Apple has changed the forced restart procedure necessary to unlock iPhone 8 but also subsequent models, but now we will see how to unlock iPhone 8 and subsequent models.

To start the forced restart procedure on iPhone 8 or iPhone X you must quickly press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons in sequence , then hold down the Power button (the one on the side) until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

This procedure will restart the locked iPhone 8 or X but will not erase the data on the device.

Here is a brief summary of the sequence:

  1. Quickly press the Volume Up key
  2. Quickly press the Volume Down key
  3. Press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears

How to unlock iPhone 6s and previous models

Unlocking a locked iPhone 6s is possible but the procedure differs from the more recent iPhone models, as the hardware structure of the device changes.

The forced restart procedure on these models is started by simultaneously pressing the Home key plus the Volume Up key , keeping them pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen and the device does not restart asking for the unlock code and PIN code, if active.

Apple itself, however, recommends trying an alternative combination of keys, if the one just described does not work. The alternative combination provides for the simultaneous pressing of the Home button and the Power button (side), always until the Apple logo is displayed.

Let’s briefly summarize the sequence on how to unlock iPhone 6:

  1. Simultaneous press of Home key + Volume Up key
  2. Alternative combination: Home button + Power button

How to unlock locked iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

An even different procedure is that for performing a forced restart of a locked iPhone 7 or later models. The key combination that we are about to describe applies to locked iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, i.e. those that have the non-mechanical Home key.

To unlock iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen. This combination of keys will start the forced restart procedure and unlock your iPhone.

Here is the summary of how to unlock iPhone 7 or 7 Plus:

  1. Simultaneous press of Power button and Volume Down button
  2. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen

How to unlock iPhone without code

The procedure on how to unlock iPhone without code or an iPhone disabled due to too many incorrect attempts to enter the code involves using the recovery mode . The recovery mode is a particular iPhone mode that is used to reset the device to factory data. This procedure involves deleting data, apps and multimedia files from the device, which however can be recovered by restoring the smartphone with a backup.

To enter recovery mode, you must connect the disabled iPhone to the computer through the lighthing cable, open iTunes and then use the key sequence described for the forced restart compatible with your model.

If you have followed the correct sequence, the iPhone will display the iTunes logo along with the cable, and on the computer the software will return a message stating that iPhone has had a problem and the device must be restored.

At this point click on Restore, and iTunes will download the most updated version of iOS for your Apple smartphone. After the download is complete, iTunes will restore the operating system and eventually you can decide to configure the device as a new iPhone or restore a previous backup and recover your data.

Here is the summary of the sequence necessary to unlock disabled iPhone:

  1. Connect iPhone to computer
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Follow the key combination suitable for your device
  4. Start the restore
  5. Configure iPhone as a new device or recover a backup

How to protect iPhone

Before continuing, it should be emphasized that there are methods to protect iPhones that are not particularly complex, but that work very well to ensure that no attacker can unlock our Apple device without our permission.

The only problem is when iOS security holes are discovered , a problem that only Apple can solve by updating its operating system and ensuring new levels of device security.

Here are the most effective methods that will allow you to protect iPhone in the best way.

Install the latest version of iOS

This advice is certainly the most effective to prevent your iPhone from being unlocked by exploiting bugs present in iOS. The bugs and flaws in the operating system, in fact, are corrected by Apple periodically, and in any case in a timely manner as soon as they emerge. Installing the latest version of iOS is therefore the best way to prevent attackers from exploiting these hidden bugs to violate our device.

To be sure you have installed the latest version of iOS, you need to go to the iPhone Settings , select General and then Software Update . If the software is updated, then the screen will tell you what the latest version is installed on the device. Otherwise, however, a warning will appear to start the download of the latest version.

If you want to be sure that your iPhone will automatically download the updates of the operating system, just activate the automatic updates. To do this, open the Settings, click on General and then on Software Update . At this point just activate the automatic updates by moving the switch to ON .

Use an unlock code greater than four digits

Those who intend to violate your iPhone , could discover the code you use to unlock the device simply by observing you and capturing the numbers you enter. To overcome this inconvenience, the advice is not to publicly type the unlock code of the iPhone, so as not to run the risk of revealing it. We also advise you not to enable the 4-digit unlock code , but to use a longer and more complicated one, to make life more difficult for the bad guys.

To enter a new code in your iPhone, go to Settings, select Touch ID and code or Face ID and code (if you have an iPhone X or a later model), then click on change the code. Enter the current pin that you use to unlock iPhone and in the screen that opens asking you for the new code, click on Code Options.

At that point you can choose to use a 4-digit code, a personalized numeric code, or longer than four digits at your convenience, and a personalized alphanumeric code, consisting of letters and numbers, even more difficult to decipher.

Disable Siri on the lock screen

To prevent anyone from exploiting iOS bugs , an additional tip is to disable the use of Siri while the iPhone screen is locked. This introduces an additional level of security. To disable this option, you need to go to Settings and select Siri and search. Now move the Use Siri switch to OFF when locked .

Following this procedure, Siri will no longer be accessible from the lock screen and you will no longer be able to give voice commands to the Apple assistant with the iPhone locked, but only when you have unlocked the device, or when you have entered the unlock code, used the Touch ID or the Face ID.

Use Face ID or Touch ID

From some iPhone models onwards, Apple has introduced two new technologies for unlocking the iPhone, namely Touch ID and Face ID . Using these two technologies increases the security level of your device, above all because these methods are based on a recognition of a physical characteristic of the user, fingerprint or face. Here’s how they work.

  • Touch ID: this type of technology was introduced by Apple with the iPhone 5S and still resists today with the iPhone 8, and probably with the next iPhone 9. This is the unlocking of the iPhone which takes place through the recognition of the fingerprint of the device owner, very reliable and precise. To activate it, just go to the device Settings, select Touch ID and code and select Add a fingerprint. At this point, scan the fingerprint you want to use to unlock iPhone and you’re done.
  • Face ID: the Face ID bases the unlocking of the iPhone on the scan of the user’s face. Apple introduced this technology with iPhone X and gradually refined it up to the recent line of iPhone 11. To activate Face ID, if you have not already done so during the initial configuration of the device, just go to Settings and select Face ID and code. At this point, activate it and follow the instructions to allow the device to scan your face and allow it to recognize you.

How to unlock iPhone stuck with a computer program

If you can’t get your iPhone out of recovery mode and the black screen is always shown to you, you may need to unlock iPhone with a program. The most recommended is definitely Wondershare dr.fone , very interesting software that we have already recommended when we talked about backup of Apple smartphones.

It is in fact a program that also allows data management on the iPhone, making and restoring backups . One of the most appreciated functions is surely that of iOS recovery, which allows the repair of the iPhone operating system.

Let’s say right away that the program is paid: the cost of the Repair module is equal to $ 59.95 per year , but it is possible to download a free trial version to test the program, even if it is not possible to perform a complete recovery iPhone

Once you have downloaded the program from the official website and installed it on your computer, Windows or macOS, you can proceed to restore iOS, the first step on how to unlock iPhone.

Connect your smartphone to your computer and make sure you have installed iTunes to allow the connection between your computer and device. Then open iPhone and associate it with iTunes, if you haven’t done it previously.

Once this is done, close iTunes and open dr.fone, and click on the Repair button. At this point the software will give you a series of instructions to put the iPhone in DFU mode and start with the recovery. If the procedure is not successful, you can put iPhone in recovery mode by clicking on the button “If your device cannot activate DFU mode, click here”.

At this point you must make sure that the program has detected the correct iPhone model and select the most recent version of iOS to download. Once the download is complete, you can click the Fix Now button to restore iOS.

If the operation is successful, your iPhone should be unlocked and functional. In case of errors, there is also an Advanced recovery mode which is accessible after clicking on Repair.

How to unlock iPhone: free up RAM memory

It is possible that your iPhone has crashed because it has too much information accumulated inside the RAM memory , the part of memory that is responsible for managing open applications. This causes slowdowns on your iPhone, which can sometimes lead to blocking of the device.

However, it is possible to free the RAM memory through a manual procedure that allows you to recover a little reactivity, here’s how.

To free up the RAM memory, you need to have the iPhone on, unlock the screen and keep the Power button pressed until the lever that indicates Scroll to turn off appears . At this point, release the Power button and press and hold the Home button . By doing this you will return to the Home Screen and you will have freed the RAM memory of your iPhone.

On iPhone X and later models the procedure is slightly different, since there is no Home button. In this case you have to go to Settings, select Accessibility, click on Touch and then AssistiveTouch , and finally activate it by turning the switch to ON .

At this point go back to the General panel and click on Turn off. Once done, click on the AssistiveTouch and press and hold the Home button shown on the display. Once you are sent back to the Home Screen, the RAM memory of your iPhone will be emptied.

How to unlock locked iPhone on the startup screen

It may happen that your iPhone hangs on the start- up screen , the one with the Apple logo with the apple. The procedure to unlock iPhone on the startup screen involves the use of iTunes, the software necessary to unlock your smartphone.

Connect iPhone to computer via lightining cable and wait for iTunes to start. If it doesn’t open, open it yourself. At this point you will have to put the iPhone in recovery mode through the procedures previously seen, but which we report below for convenience:

  • IPhone models up to 6s and 6s Plus: simultaneous pressing of the Power button and the Home button for a few seconds.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: simultaneous pressing of the Power button and the Volume Down button for a few seconds.
  • For iPhone 8, 8 Plus and later models: quick press of the Volume Up button, then quick press of Volume Down and then press the Power button for a few seconds.

At this point you will have put the iPhone in recovery mode, and the iTunes icon should appear on the device screen along with that of a cable, all on a black background. On the computer, however, you should see the iTunes warning that says that your device should be updated or restored following a problem.

You can choose Update to try to reinstall iOS without losing any data, or you can choose Restore and bring your iPhone to its original state. By choosing this second option, however, you will lose all the data. We therefore advise you to proceed with the restoration only if you have a recent backup of your iPhone files and data that you can restore.

How to unlock iPhone: contact Apple support

If you also encounter problems with the recovery mode, you must contact Apple support to request the repair of the device, available at this link. You can talk to an Apple operator by clicking on iPhone, then on Update backup and restore and finally on Error during the update or restore in iTunes . At this point, select the item Talk to Apple support and you will be called back.

You can also choose to call Apple Support at the toll-free number 800.915.904, and follow the instructions in the guide. The call is free and the number is available from Monday to Friday from 8 to 19.45

Alternatively, you can also choose to contact support through the Apple Support app for iOS. You can start the app from any Apple device, not necessarily your iPhone, and connect to your Apple account. Select your iPhone from the list of devices and choose the assistance item that suits your problem to start the procedure, always following the instructions.

Apple support is also available from the Apple Stores . All you have to do is search for the nearest Apple Store in your area through this list, and ask the staff for support.

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